Getting to Write Your Own Life Story
We all do it - write our life story in advance - for our careers, marriage, children, even how long we will live. Then we go about trying to make it happen. Jesus' disciples did it even though they were supposed to be following Him for His story. They thought He had come to rid them of the Romans and set-up Israel as the supreme nation. (Lk. 24:21) (Acts 1:6) But when Jesus was arrested and crucified, "the story took an unexpected turn", as they say. The disciples were devastated, hopeless, fearful, depressed, unbelieving, and overwhelmed. Which brings us to the point...

If you are following your own story, what are you going to do when the page turns and you discover an UNEXPECTED CHAPTER - something you didn't write and never would have written? - painful, unplanned plot twists and turns, betrayals, losses, rebellious children, spouses who leave, business partners who stab you in the back, people who are trying to destroy you, fill in the blank _________________________.

What do you do when you are writing the story and all you have to deal with it is YOU?? I can tell you this, it isn't pretty. But There Is a Way to turn it around!! Here are the facts...

     * Unplanned Chapters of the story are going
to happen, because the devil is around.

     * Jesus' Story for your life is the Only One that takes you 
        where you want to go!!

     * If you follow your own story, you're own your own.

     * If you Follow Jesus' Story for you, It is all in His Hands!
       You have His ability to ERASE what the devil intended,
        and turn it all around for your good!

I AM NOT SAYING "accept every unplanned event in your life as God's will", because they are NOT! I am saying, ACCEPT the Lordship of Jesus and His Story for your life as written in the Word and revealed by His Spirit. As you Submit Totally to Jesus, He will lead you through to victory. He won't tell your whole life's story, but He has already shown us the victorious ending in the Bible. You can be sure of this, HE WILL ALWAYS show you Your Next Step if you will seek Him!


9   eye has not seen and ear has not heard,
     And which have not entered the heart of man,
     All that God has prepared for those who love Him."
10 For to us God revealed them through the Spirit;
     for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.
     (II Cor.2:9,10)

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