How to be Joyful and Satisfied

One of the most powerful weapons Satan uses to defeat a Christian is our own insecurities - the great need we have to be loved and accepted by other people and the accompanying fear (sometimes terror) of rejection that drives it. A huge part of our national economy is based on this and advertising ways to overcome it. We buy products and services to look and feel good so that we will be loved and accepted by the fantasy people we are shown in the commercials. We are told that eternal happiness is only one person, new car, new house, fragrance, soap, or new I-purchase away. This need of being "loved to cure insecurity"  is also at the heart of a multitude of crimes, even taking of another's life. You've heard the irrational excuse of someone killing another because they "loved them too much". It even goes to the extreme of the saying, "A child needs to be wanted, even if it's for murder".


There are some major issues that must be addressed if we are ever going to escape this horrible bondage. First, if it is our insecurity then the responsibility to take action is up to us. We can't blame the devil for coming through a door we are leaving open! Second, if there was no remedy, or no cure, we would have an excuse. But there is, so we don't.


This doorway to bondage was opened in the Garden of Eden, but it was shut and then destroyed at the Cross of Christ. Satan advertised to Adam and Eve that there was more available to them than the Paradise God had provided. There was more, but it was like what Moore, Oklahoma received recently. Destruction. (I'm making no spiritual comment about Moore's tragedy. It was horrible.) Satan destroyed the Security of Adam and Eve's contentment with God, by selling them his way. They bought into it. It was a lie and a scam, and the world went to Hell. Literally.


But thanks be to our Father, at the Cross of Jesus Christ, He made the way for us to return to Him, Sinless and Secure! He transferred us from the Kingdom of Satan - the world's way of needing the approval of man - into His Kingdom. In order to keep from writing a book here, let me finish with important bullet points...


     * Never will Anything or Anyone of this world satisfy your constant 
        inner-longing. It is a hunger for intimacy with Jesus, your Creator.  

        The sooner you discover this, the more satisfied you will be.   


       "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

        for they shall be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6)


     * Give Up...Every attempt to Be Loved or Accepted by Anyone but God!

        To live any other way is Idolatry. Now you will be free to Love, which

        is the Greatest Commandment.

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