This is What Jesus is Saying to You

The first recorded teaching of Jesus is absolutely the most important
. Without a revelation of its truth in your heart, nothing else will work.
     "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
      Matthew 5:3
Poor in spirit comes from a divine revelation. It is the attitude we have about ourselves when the Holy Spirit reveals: 1) What the Lord wants to do In us and Through us and 2) What we are by comparison. Then we become "poor in spirit". It is to those "the Kingdom of Heaven" belongs - everything that God is and everything He has!
Are you poor in spirit? It's the opposite of self-reliant and spiritually at ease. A person who lives poor in spirit is always aware of His great need for God. That is what we had when we first made Jesus Lord of our lives. Don't lose it by lowering your spiritual standards.
Remember when God dreamed big in you? Ask for that back!

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