Jesus spoke of the days in which we live saying,  "men's hearts would faint from fear and the  expectation of things coming on the earth". Like  birth pangs, the events causing the fear will get  closer together and intensify until Jesus returns. It  is "the expectation" that leads to fear, which leads  to the failing hearts (and falling away from  the  faith). On the other hand, fixing our eyes on Jesus,  His promises, and the expectation of His return,  will lead to faith, strength, and encouragement  (and bearing fruit for  Him!).

 What we think, believe, and our attitude, is a  choice. We can look up or down, at the world or  the Word. You already practice making choices like  this every night.

 When the pillow gets warm, you flip it over to the  cold, comfortable side. You don't choose to stay  uncomfortable. You flip the pillow. So don't choose  to continue to meditate and dwell on what you see  which leads to fear and defeat, when you have  promises of something far greater from the One  Who loved you and gave Himself up for you!

 Rest on the Cold side of the Pillow!



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