I had never before considered how much our Salvation is like a "Plea Bargain" until it came forth in the message Sunday morning. That's the wonder of ministering with the Holy Spirit. The speaker often learns with the listeners as he or she speaks a new truth they had never thought of before.


"Plea bargaining" is when someone accused of a crime agrees to plead guilty, rather than go to trial before a judge and jury. They do so usually with an understanding of what their punishment will be, which is often less than they would have received had they gone to trial. For example, if a deal is offered, someone who is involved in a killing, might plead guilty to a lesser charge and receive a long prison sentence, rather than take the risk of going to trial and receiving the death sentence.


There is an upcoming trial that you want to be sure that you miss. The Judge Almighty is going to sit on a Great White Judge's Chair and pass sentence on every person according to the deeds they have done. If a person is found to have committed even one sin, they will be guilty of having sinned completely against the Righteous and Holy God, and as a result will be cast into the Lake of Fire which burns forever and ever.


But there is a Plea Deal being offered to everyone who believes in the Son of the Judge - Jesus Christ! He died and paid the price for the sins we have committed. Therefore, to everyone who pleads guilty and in turn accepts Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their life, this is what is offered in return:


* They will Not Be Judged!


* Their Record will be wiped completely clean, as

though they had never sinned!


* They will be taken care of by the Judge and His Son

as Sons and Daughters themselves, for all eternity!


* There will be no punishment.


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