If we seek miracles, we might miss Jesus (and the miracle). But if we seek Jesus, we will find Him and the miracles that we need. Jesus is not here on Earth visibly, so what does He look like?
To Mary at the garden tomb on resurrection morning, He looked like a gardener. (John 20:14-16) To the travelers on the road to Emmaus, Jesus appeared as a fellow traveler. (Lk.24) To the disciples who were fishing, He was another man at the beach. (John 21)
Jesus blended into everyday, routine life. But He was there, always ready with a revelation of Himself through a miracle, to those who were ready and willing to find Him.
Often we are miracle chasers because we have a physical need, but we ignore our greater spiritual need. However, if we would seek Jesus Himself, for Himself and our desperate need of Him, the lesser fleshly things would dissolve in the glory of finding Him!
John 14:21-23 says Jesus will reveal Himself to those who keep His commandments. He is right there in every situation of life, blended into the scenery, waiting for you to obey the Word of God. When you obey it, especially when your flesh wants to do something else, He reveals Himself to you, and through you to others as a witness. You will suddenly find yourself aglow in His presence and glory.
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