Back From the Dead
Steve Hill at NLC Sun. Jan.13. Wow. That's "omg" said in reverence. When he walked into my office before the service, I could hardly contain my tears. Before me stood a manifestation of God's love and the prayers of the saints - a beloved brother, a friend, a husband, a father, a ferocious enemy to the kingdom of darkness, and much-needed evangelist to a lost world - here he
was literally "back from the dead". 
At the pivotal point of his walk through the valley of the shadow of death, hospice was called in, the family gathered, burial plots bought, and his funeral was planned. Steve had only days, possibly hours to live. Too weak to speak, he "thought" a prayer to God that went something like this, "If you want me to die, that's okay. Being with You is what I want and is far greater than anything this world has to offer. If you let me live, I will win a million souls for You." The prayer was answered. The situation slowly began to turn.
Steve opened his mouth to preach and the anointing of God filled the sanctuary. You could almost hear the chains of sin and demonic oppression rattling, about to fall off the lives of those who have been imprisoned by Satan. Jesus is living through him, weeping every few minutes when he thinks about lost souls. Tears fall again as he talks about his love for the Father. His heart is heavy, and a fire burns in anger against the devil who has "snowed" the church with a sugar-coated gospel and a watered-down word, that is nothing more than a form of religion, but has no power to change anyone or anything.
Steve Hill has had a vision and is on a mission. Woe to anything or anyone blocking the way. You can see it below. It will be out in book form in a few weeks. No one will soon forget his illustration of how the ski patrol probes for dead bodies after an avalanche. Avalanche
I don't write all of this to glorify a man. Rather, to give honor to whom honor is due and to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. When you can find someone whose life is blending with Jesus so closely that it is difficult to tell them apart, stick close to them. A person is known and will be blessed or cursed, by their associations.
Steve Hill ministered at New Life Church Sunday morning. I want to know and love Jesus more.

The Spiritual Avalanche That Could Kill Millions
The Spiritual Avalanche
That Could Kill Millions



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