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On His last night on earth, as Jesus prepared His disciples for departure, He revealed one of the most profound, liberating, and life-changing, truths ever told. He said,

"Apart from Me, you can do Nothing". John 15:5
If nothing confuses you, or nothing is hard for you to understand, try this...

    Nothing Illustrated                        Nothing Framed             
An Illustration of Nothing         A framed picture of it       Nothing in a Box!


When you need faith for a miracle, love for your enemies, righteousness to stand before God, boldness to approach His throne or to minister to the unsaved; wisdom for a perplexing problem, peace during a storm, healing for your body, strength to keep going during trying times, patience to suffer, ability beyond your human strength...Feel free to go to the box pictured above right, (representing what you can do without Jesus), and get anything you want! (Be sure to tell everyone how that worked out for you!)      
However, if you want SOMETHING to happen - for your Heavenly Father to be involved in your life - then understand that awesome, yet simple truth: Apart from Jesus, we can do nothing. It leads to a simple conclusion: There is only one thing necessary in all of existence- to Seek Him, and then when I find Him, stay there. And if and when He speaks to me, simply obey Him. Then I don't need anything FROM Him. I just need HIM. For...                            

I Corinthians 1:30  
By His (God's) doing you are in Christ Jesus
             "           "     Jesus is Wisdom from God

             "           "     Jesus is our Righteousness 

             "           "     Jesus is our Sanctification 

             "           "     Jesus is our Redemption                                                  
Hebrews 12:2         Jesus is the Author of our Faith
I John 4:19              He is the Source of our Love

In fact, It's no longer I who live. It's Christ who lives within me!!   Gal.2:20           
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