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You and I in the New America

Well. I'm glad that's over. The Election of 2012, I'm referring to. A lot of Christians I dearly love, fasted, prayed, worshipped, lobbied, and wrote articles in hopes Obama wouldn't be elected. A feature film was even made about it. Well, oops.

On Wednesday, the day after, God was still on the throne, Jesus was at His right hand making intercession, the angels were still at work waiting instructions, and the Holy Spirit was inside of believers waiting to do something! All the while our Father in Heaven was asking, "Can you please quit wasting all this energy on fighting the wrong battle, trying to advance the wrong kingdom, and promoting the wrong agenda with your own ability???"

Jesus said, "My Kingdom is not of this world". No political candidate is going to establish His Kingdom on the earth. That is the job of believers, devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Neither King Herod of the Jews, or Tiberius Caesar of Rome could stop Jesus or the true church when it began. Neither did the early disciples look to them for help in advancing the cause of Christ. To the contrary, they flourished despite their opposition.

Our Cause is the agenda of Jesus Christ.
Our Kingdom and Citizenship is in Heaven,
   from which we eagerly await a Savior!
Our Mission is to reach lost souls.
Our Method is Love.

We received on Election Day what we needed to get us back to our holy purpose. Do you need to repent? Then repent. Do priorities need to be changed? Change them. Then, even if we don't know what we are doing, be certain God knows what He is doing.

Pastor Dusty Kemp
New Life Church, Houston