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  New Life Church, Houston

A Word of Caution 
& New Course of Action   


Let me get immediately to the bottom-line of this two-fold message...


I believe we are in a period of unprecedented spiritual activity and warfare that is approaching a peak. When this happens, it will result in a major shift of some kind. This "shift" has been building a long time. You have been experiencing it in your own life as increasing turmoil and pressures. This "peak" is coming in a matter of days not months - weeks perhaps.  


When hearing something like this, we tend to think, "This is about the November Election". But, what I am seeing isn't about the Elections. To say that the upcoming elections are very significant is an under-statement, and they probably are a part of the timing of this. But the elections are not "The Thing".    


So what is coming? I don't know. I can only tell you what I see. So why write about it? Because we have had too many commentators and not enough voices. Anyone can write about what has happened after it has occurred and say what they think it meant. Daniel 2 But if we truly believe God is speaking, the responsible action is to get out front with it and make it known. If the event doesn't happen, then at worst we look like false prophets. So what?? Read Jonah. That fearful thinking got him thrown off a boat and eaten by a giant fish. I would rather act foolish, truly believing I was obeying God, than wish I had said or done something after it was too late! At best, we can possibly stop a tragedy or lessen it's effects.


What is coming? It could be Terrorism or War. It might be a Natural Disaster. Maybe it is Economic. Hear me, I don't know. But this I DO KNOW:  Repentance and being clean before God is the proper preparation. A guard, a gun, or a year's supply of food isn't going to help if we aren't righteous. If we are, those things might not even be necessary.


1 Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it;
   Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.
2 It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labors;  

   For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.  

   Psalm 127




The night He was arrested to die for all of our sins, Jesus washed the disciples feet. Beyond showing them the humility and love He requires of His followers, Jesus was ceremonially cleansing them of any sin that would hinder them from walking in the fullness of the soon coming age of the Holy Spirit - the day in which we too live. This ceremony is described in Exodus 30:17-21. The washing was instituted so the sons of Aaron the high priest, could enter the holy presence of God without dying. 


In the same way, the blood of Jesus washed us of our sin so that we might go before the throne of God Himself! is where the awesome yet humbling truth of repentance is revealed. We have all "asked for forgiveness" so many times that it's possible that we have cheapened the whole process to meaningless words.  


So let's put it in a new context to renew it's purpose. The next time we come to the Lord in repentance, let's say to Him, "Jesus, wash my feet." Or how about this, "Jesus, bleed for my sins again", or "Jesus, I need you to die for what I have done."  


Now of course Jesus doesn't need to bleed and die again for our sins. He did that once, for all mankind, for all time. BUT...He did it. And don't the simple lines above put sin and repentance in a more meaningful (and humiliating) context? Think about it. 


Before we sin, let us think of the consequences. But armed with this new insight, let us also now consider the love that was shown and the price that was paid for us, and what we are actually saying to Jesus to restore fellowship with Him.  



Thank You