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 Are You Stuck?


"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy

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"Who Ann is made my experience unique. I am sure the other coaches I could have chosen would have been fine. But I am not sure I would have connected with them as well as I did with you. You had a way of making me feel very comfortable even when talking about things I am not usually prone to wanting to discuss."  

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Do you want to change your job or career? Balance your life? Help your team get better results? Be a better communicator? But you get stuck before you start or soon after you begin? Now is a good time to develop your action plan to get a head start on the new year of 2014.


Change can be overwhelming and difficult to accomplish alone. Often your own perception limits your thinking. Following are some suggestions  to help you with change:

  1. Examine why you want to make the change.  It may help identify a course of action.

  2. Engage an executive coach.  Having a confidential sounding board allows you to speak freely and gets you out of "your own head" which traps you into seeing few options.  

  3. Look at yourself objectively to become more self-aware.  Your own defenses may be what is blocking you.

  4. Visualize yourself with the new change implemented.  Also, think about how you will feel when the change is implemented.

Don't try to make the change all at one time. Change is a process and is accomplished over time and in stages. Congratulate yourself for positive steps--- no matter how small. It is progress. Be kind to yourself.  But never ever give up.


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"To improve is to change: To be perfect is to change often"  -Winston Churchill

Ann W. Rosser, CEO
Finding Resolution
Courage. Communication. Change
Arlington, VA

Ann Rosser

Ann Rosser, CEO of Finding Resolution specializes in organizational development and offers a range of services including leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, customized trainings, change management and workplace facilitation. She helps organizations and individuals solve problems, maximize performance and learn new problem-solving skills for the future. She is an ICF- certified coach (ACC) and certified mediator by the Supreme Court of Virginia. 


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