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 Welcome to our PlatinumProCommunity! We hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July.  In celebration of America's 237th birthday, we are offering a special promo for our customers. Receive 17.76% off any course. Please look below for more information. 

In honor of July 4th, we would like to share some fun tax facts:

- The top marginal income tax rate in 1913, the first year the modern income tax was levied, was 7 percent.

- The annual income that fell into the top tax bracket 100 years ago was, in inflation adjusted 2012 dollars, more than $11 million; to be precise: $11,595,657.

- Today's top tax rate, thanks to the American Taxpayer Relief Act, is 39.6 percent. That will be paid by individuals making $400,000 or more.

- Don't fret about the increase from a 7 percent top ordinary income tax rate in 1913 to almost 40 percent in 2013, because in 1944-45 our parents/grandparents had to deal in 1944-1945 with a 94 percent tax income rate, the highest-ever marginal tax.   Remember, this was during World War II.


- The Tax Foundation notes that in 1980, the top 1 percent of taxpayers accounted for just more than 19 percent of all federal income taxes paid. Thirty years later, that tiny group of wealthy

taxpayers paid more than 37 percent of the overall taxes collected.


- At the other end of the earning scale, says the nonprofit Washington, D.C., tax group, the percentage of federal income taxes paid by the bottom 50 percent of all taxpayers in 1980 was 7.05 percent. In 2009, that percentage had dropped to 2.36 percent.


Hope you enjoyed these fun facts and take advantage of our promo offer (good until July 7th, 2013
, 6pm PST).


Have a great rest of the weekend!


Lauren Zago                                                           
Platinum Professional Services
Latest News
Tax Preparer News


Platinum Professional ServicesThe IRS will be uploading 2013 continuing education course completions 

this week to the 

PTIN holders accounts. For the 2012 year, the IRS will not be uploading the course completions.  

You must retain your certificate of completion for four years as the IRS will be auditing selected Tax Preparers. The IRS's system will be fully operational (you will be able to see your completion reported on your PTIN account) for the 2013 CE requirements. The IRS has requested the course completions to be uploaded quarterly.  We have uploaded all course completions for the first quarter.  It is the responsibility of the tax preparer to make sure his PTIN information is accurate.  Please check your student profile if there are any discrepancies and email customersupport@platinumprostudies.com so we can upload your information to the IRS.  


Enrolled Agent News


Platinum Professional ServicesThe IRS has also requested starting January 1st, 2013 that the Enrolled Agent CPE be reported quarterly. We have reported all course completions for the first and second quarter.  Again, please check your student profile and report any discrepancies to Platinum.






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Platinum Promo!


Happy Birthday America! Please use promo code JulyFourth to receive 17.76% off of any course. Expires July 7th, 2013, 6pm PST.


Our 2013 courses are now available.


Please contact Platinum Professional Services at 877 315-1772 or email us at customersupport@platinumprostudies.com if you have any questions.



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CPA News

We are currently waiting approval from NASBA.  We have been told they are backed up and that we are next on the list.

We will not be updating our courses for 2013 year until we receive approval.  We expect approval very soon.  

Notary Public



More Than One In Four Counties Now eRecording Documents


The number of jurisdictions capable of electronically recording property records reached the 900 mark earlier this month, according to the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA). That represents approximately 25 percent of the counties, cities and other recording jurisdictions in the U.S., noted Kay Wrucke, Martin County (Minnesota) Recorder and President of PRIA.

Since June 2012, the number of recording offices adopting eRecording technology has increased 9 percent. PRIA officials expect to reach the 1,000 mark by the end of 2013. eRecording improves the quality of data, reduces turn-around times and provides significant cost savings when compared to manual recording.

Rapid expansion of eRecording has been steady for years, increasing from just 200 counties in 2006 to the current mark of 900, according to PRIA. This growing trend also helps pave the way to a broader acceptance of electronic notarization as a way to expedite the authentication process, improve quality, and enhance the overall security of document transactions.