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Purim Costume Ideas!
March 7-8 National Day of Unplugging
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Chag Purim Samayach!


Whatever your Purim program plan may be...check out a few additional fun ideas from USY!

Also...Why do you Unplug? Participate in Rebooters National Day of Unplugging, March 7-8, 2014. There are so many cool ways to get involved and "unplug," even for just one Shabbat. Get your USYers on board by uploading their "I Unplug to..." photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. Scroll down for more info. 
Purim fun...
Top Purim Costume Ideas
Show your Kehilla how much creativity you and your USYers have and plan out your costumes together!

10. Check your closet for any TV character clothing such as Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory" or Dwight from "The Office." All you need are items such as dress shirts, a superhero T-shirt, etc.
9. Trayfe and Kosher- Have half of your USYers wear black with pictures of bacon or other unkosher items printed from Google images. tape pictures of bacon. The other half can wear white with Kosher symbols from Google Images- a good lesson in identifying different hechsher symbols!
8. A Starbucks menu - have USYers dress up as different items in a Starbucks drink such as soy milk, caramel, chocolate syrup. All together, they make up one complex order!
7. Sides of a Rubick's cube. Have each USYer wear a different colored spray painted cardboard box: Yellow, blue, red, green. All together, you make a Rubik's cube! You can also dress up as Lego this way and glue small plates or cups as the Lego bumps. 
You may want to show them a picture of a Rubick's cube first!
6. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors- Use actual lids from Ben and Jerry's ice cream or Google images and post them to a a bed-sheet that can be worn tied toga-style around each person.
5. App images: Each person can decorate a square sheet of poster board as the image of their favorite app, hole punch and hang it around their necks. Examples include the Facebook app icon, Iphone messages "speech bubble," the Pintrest P or Picassa icon. 
4. Really easy - a grammar lesson- each person can cut out a period, comma, question mark or colon and be a grammar lesson in person! You can also do this with various Torah trope symbols! 
3. A General Mills cereal commercial- cut out box covers of different cereal boxes, tape or hang them on each person and be a cereal commercial as a group!
2. MTV Reality TV shows. USYers can choose their favorite MTV show and dress as their top favorite characters (just no "16 and Pregnant costumes...NOT FUNNY with teenagers!)
1. Check out this do-it-yourself Facebook homepage! All your need is poster board and construction paper! Your USYers can be an Iphone home screen or you can each be an "app."

Time to Teach! The Four M's of Purim

Remind your USYers of the four mitzvot of Purim, easy to do as a group or on their own:

1. Meal- A festive meal to celebrate the joy of the day.
2. Mitzvah Time! Matanot L'evyonim - giving to the needy/poor
3. Mishloach Matanot - Give your MM basket a theme like "movies" or "Superheroes." You can include non-food items like something fun from a 99 cent store, but you should have at least 2 food items of different brachot.
4. Teen Takeover/Megillah Madness- Are any of your USYer's reading Megillah? Invite other USYers to be the cheerleaders or to prepare shtick or silliness between readings. Get the USYers involved in hte congregational reading! One idea is to put on a puppet show for the little ones as we know that 3 year olds won't sit for very long without a "commercial break!" 
National Day of Unplugging!
March 7-8, 2014
Why Do You Unplug??

USY is a proud partner of the National Day of Unplugging.

Check out the for more information and to either download the National Day of Unplugging posters or to upload your photos of "I Unplug to..."
All items are available on the NDU website.
Disconnect to Reconnect!
Slow it down and just live up!!
  • Create a chapter FB campaign of photos and ideas for "unplugging."
  • Upload images of your USYers (and clergy!) for your USY or Kehilla website to get everyone on board. 
  • Send link of any celebrities involved in this project to generate interest of USYers (example: Cheryl Sandberg, Facebook Chief operating officer)
  • Ask USyers to take group shots or creative images with their "I unplug to..." posters and post on Instagram
  • Challenege your chapter to submit 50 photos of participants. Create an incentive for the contest. 
  • Have USYers post their responses on Sunday, March 9, of how it felt to completely disconnect from devices and reconnect with others or themselves. 
  • Come up with a top ten list of ideas of things to do instead of "plugging in" to devices. Ask USYers to send it their own ideas on a Facebook page. 
  • If you created a campaign or successful program fom this idea, please submit it to Amy Dorsch so that we can share with our partner, Rebooters! Check out some of their other project ideas such as "10Q" or "Beyond Bubbe" for additional chapter rel/ed fun!
Got any ideas to share? Could you use any particular resources for a chapter challenge you face? Email Amy Dorsch to share!
Amy Dorsch
Education Coordinator
USCJ Department of Teen Learning 
USY and Kadima