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The symposia that we host throughout the year are a vital expression of our work in the world. Through these gatherings, we continue the mission of Swami Vishnudevananda to help humanity on its karmic journey. Read more about the this season's programs and the importance of these gatherings.

We invite you to participate in these events of light, beauty, and wisdom and to contribute by bringing your own light.
FEB 4 - 11
Yoga for Peace
MAR 23 - 27
Ayurveda Conference
APR 25 - 29
Yoga of Recovery
MAY 11 - 15
The Ultimate Goal
JAN 4 - 13
New Year's Cleanse, Detox, and Juice-Fasting Experience Shivanter Singh (John Barczak), Grace Van Berkum, Julian DeVoe
JAN 11 - 16
Polarity Therapy & 5 Element Body Work Certification
John Beaulieu, Andreas Ledermann, Brigitta Raimann
JAN 15 - 17
Gracious Living Vegan Nutrition Retreat Grace Van Berkum
JAN 17 - 23
The Yoga of Sound and Voice Training
John Beaulieu, Silvia Nakkach
JAN 30 - FEB 1
ThetaHealing Basic DNA Training Petra Rakebrandt

During this special time of the year, when people around the world are engaging in a multitude of religious and spiritual traditions, we invite you to come to the Yoga Retreat to experience the underlying unity in our diversity. Through a variety of talks, concerts, spiritual practices, discussions and more, learn how to break down superficial barriers and experience the wisdom, love and compassion at the heart of the holiday season.  


Welcome the New Year in a celebration of friendship, truth, and peace and contribute to the spirit of the season by bringing in your own light at the Yoga Retreat. 


Om Shanti. Om Peace.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas

How Does One Get Better at Bearing Insult?
Connecting With Friendship, Love and Care
Q & A with Swami Swaroopananda
I have bonded with a young girl who comes from a broken family. How can I help to instill spirituality in her?

You can't. It is not possible to instill spirituality in other people, but we can inspire other people by what we are. People respond well to friendship, people respond well to love, people respond well to care. People do not respond well when we try to impose on them our own ideas about reality, about spirituality and so on.

It is best to just be a good friend. If you love the person, if you care for the person, if you listen to the person, you may be able to see what that person needs at a particular time, and you may be able, along the way, to nurture the spirituality that is already in that person. We cannot bestow spirituality upon others. We can only help others to invoke the spirituality that is already within them.

The best advice is to be a good friend, to see what the person needs, to help. Don't try to impose your own idea of spirituality.

How can I find the balance between helping someone out of love and not losing myself in trying to help someone who doesn't want to help himself?

Do not be concerned about it. Just help. Help without selfishness. Many times, we help with selfishness. We want the result to be our way. We have an idea of, "Oh, I would like to shape this person in my own image." Don't try to do it. If you really want to nurture, first identify the needs, and try to take care of these needs. Love can never hurt. Care can never hurt. Wisdom can never hurt. You cannot force it. You should not force it. There is no compulsion in spirituality. Friendship? Yes. Love? Yes. Care? Yes. Good example? Yes.

You can suggest something: "Would you like to come to a yoga class? I am teaching a yoga class, would you like to come?" The person may say yes. Or, "I am cooking a nice vegetarian meal. Would you like to try some?" Or, "Today, a few friends are coming and we are going to meditate together. Would you like to come and try it?" The person may say yes or the person may say no. "There's an interesting lecture today. Would you like to come?" Suggestions can be a nice beginning but don't try to impose. Don't try to shape the other person in your own image. This is not a good way.

Healing Arts Trainings
Train to share your healing gifts with others
Are you a healer, massage therapist, yoga therapist, or Ayurvedic practitioner? Come learn foundational skills and/or expand and deepen your existing knowledge through trainings that honor the physical and spiritual sides of healing.

In these practical, in-depth trainings, you will learn and practice the secrets of successful therapies and treatments that soothe and restore body and mind. Come tune deeper in to your body's innate wisdom and discover the healer within.

Polarity Therapy * ThetaHealing * Thai Yoga Massage and more.
Presenter Spotlight: Mala Cunningham
Addressing heart disease with medical yoga

Mala Cunningham, PhD, is an author and educator of mind-body medicine and healthy psychology. President of Positive Health Solutions and founder of the renowned training program Cardiac Medical Yoga, she has taught and practiced yoga and meditation for over 35 years.



Please share what you do in 10-15 words. I have developed a model of medical yoga called Cardiac Medical Yoga that is used for patients with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.


Why do you do what you do? Heart disease is the number-one killer is most countries in the world. Diabetic and heart patients need a modified and medical emphasis for their yoga practice. It is deeply rewarding to see the impact that yoga has on the lives of patients who have a medical condition.



Mala Cunningham on the Cardiac Medical Yoga Retreat
Mala Cunningham on the explosion of yoga into medical care

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