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Join the Newly Created Facebook Group for Worldwide Sivananda TTC Graduates!

This group is for anyone who has graduated Sivananda TTC -- anywhere in the world. Receive invitations to Advanced Sadhana Retreats, Sadhana Intensives, ATTC or other Yoga related posts that may be of interest to TTC grads. (Don't worry, we won't post very often!)

In addition, it can be a great way to unite us all. Currently, there are hundreds of individual TTC graduate groups, but actually, we're all one big family, aren't we?

Welcome to the group!


NOV 9 - 17
Ayurveda Body Treatments Certification Course
Lalita Devi 
NOV 10 - 15
Thai Yoga Massage Level 1
Kam Thye Chow
NOV 11 - 14
Advanced Asana Course
Sylvie Boisclair (Saraswati) 
NOV 14 - 17
Gracious Living 4 Day Liquid Detox
Grace Van Berkum 
NOV 16 - 20
NOV 17 - 22

NOV 18 - 22
Ayurvedic Nutrition: The Art of Conscious Eating
Marisa Laursen (Sri Devi) 
NOV 18 - 19
Ayurveda Body Treatments Experiential Days
Lalita Devi
NOV 19 - 22
Gracious Living Raw Vegan Holiday Course
Grace Van Berkum
NOV 22 - 24
Gentle Yoga Pre-Holiday Retreat
Stacie Dooreck (Saraswati)
NOV 22 - 24
Perfect Your Balancing Postures
Sylvie Boisclair (Saraswati)
NOV 26 - 30
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
Nora Benian (Sundari)
NOV 26 - 29
Fine Tune Your Yoga Practice
Sylvie Boisclair (Saraswati)

The cooler days of fall are upon us and with the changing seasons, Ayurveda invites us to find a change in our daily routine. Even just a few minor diet and lifestyle modifications can make a huge impact in the quality of your life. Our upcoming Ayurveda courses, Gracious Living Retreats and Stress Management programs can help you make the shift you've been wanting in your life. (Click here to see all of our upcoming Lifestyle programs.)

We're also getting closer and closer to the holiday season, so if you've never visited us before, or if you'd like to come see us again, now is the perfect time to plan your get-away! The ashram family is always eager to share the joyous occasions of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the turning of the New Year.

With so many reasons to visit, why not plan your vacation today

Om Shanti. Om Peace.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas

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If The World Is Illusion, What Is The Purpose Of Science?
Dispassion Does Not Mean Indifference
Q & A with Swami Swaroopananda

If one successfully attains vairagya, or dispassion, why would one do anything beyond one's immediate responsibilities and duties? For example, why did Swami Vishnudevananda feel such a strong need to promote world peace, if he had attained vairagya?   

In the yogic scriptures, vairagya, or dispassion, is described as acting without desire for the fruits of the action. Let's say, for example, that you are feeding hungry people, that you are feeding a million hungry people a day. Someone might ask, why do you do this? What do you get out of it? When this question came up during a talk yesterday, one person spoke about a smiling child. She said that seeing a smile on the face of a distressed child is a great reward for helping.

But we have to ask the question, "Did you help the child for the smile?" Is that really the reason you helped? I don't think the person helping the child thought, "I'm helping the child so I can get a smile." Let's assume you helped the child, but you didn't see the smile, or that you helped the child, but didn't see any direct results at all. Now let's suppose someone again asks, why do you do what you do? Your answer will be, I do what I do because I care for the child, because I love the child. Then the person might ask, but what do you want for yourself? The answer is, if you really love, if you really care, ultimately you don't want anything for yourself. All you want is for the other, not for yourself.

Many of our desires relate to the question, "What can I get for myself?" We want happiness or knowledge or power or name and fame. "I have to get something for myself. If I get something for myself, I'll be happy." But there is another way to look at it, like this: ""I do a lot of good in this world. I act. But whatever I do, it's never for myself." If whatever I do is never for myself, at that very moment I am free. That freedom is called vairagya, or detachment. I am free of desire that has as its motive an egotistic reason. I am free from selfish desires, and that is vairagya. Vairagya means that I act, but not because of selfish desires. I only act out of love, out of care. I don't want anything for myself. Nothing. Not even a thank you. The joy is in serving, in loving.

Gracious Living Creamy Apricot Salad Dressing

Oddly delicious and always nutritious!

Arugula spinach salad with walnuts & hemp seeds,
topped with Gracious Living Creamy Apricot Salad Dressing.

1 handful 6-8 soaked organic apricots (Soak your dried fruit in water overnight, or at least a few hours. This makes it easier to digest and also easier to blend as it softens them. Use the apricot water for cereals, puddings, or smoothies.)

1 tbsp unpasteurized miso paste

2 tbsp tahini

2 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp flax oil

a small piece ginger

3 cups water (add more water if it's too thick)

Add sea salt if desired but the miso usually makes it salty enough.


Blend all ingredients until creamy and smooth. Store in mason jar in fridge and just shake it up before using. Will keep about a week.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

Cleanse and detoxify with Grace for the Gracious Living 4 Day Liquid Detox Nov 14-17, 2013. Following that, she will be teaching the Gracious Living Raw Vegan Holiday Course -- a fun, hands-on 4 day course in the kitchen learning recipes, kitchen tips and nutrition information (Nov 19-22, 2013).



Science & Spirituality: Integrating Disciplines
Join us for a variety of conferences, symposiums and workshops with world renowned scientists, authors and theologians as they investigate a variety of topics integrating science and spirituality.
Join us for a variety of conferences, symposiums and workshops with world renowned scientists, authors and theologians as they investigate a variety of topics integrating science and spirituality.
 Check our website for upcoming programs.

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