Animated health literacy video series
to help Michigan residents enroll for
health care benefits, understand their
benefits and retain their care

Greater Detroit Area Health Council and St. Francis Cabrini Clinic
join forces to produce informative, breakthrough series

On the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling which retains the federal subsidies for Americans who need assistance in paying their health care premiums, a three-part health literacy video series is released today by the Greater Detroit Area Health Council [GDAHC] and St. Francis Cabrini ClinicThe animated video series is the first of its type in Michigan intended for adults who are eligible for health care subsidies or the Healthy Michigan Plan; have health care benefits for the first time; and/or may have literacy challenges.



The GDAHC-Cabrini Clinic "Pathway to Health Care" videos walk adults through the basics of enrolling for health care, understanding their benefits, and retaining their care. The animation with voiceover is geared toward all levels of literacy, including adults who have reading challenges. Actions such as grasping the ten essential benefits of care, preparing for the first doctor's visit, retaining care through co-pays, and re-enrolling annually are essential components presented in the videos.


"The fundamentals of understanding health care and retaining benefits are often overlooked," said Kate Kohn-Parrott, president and CEO of GDAHC. "Many people who enroll for health care with a subsidy or through the Healthy Michigan Plan have never seen a doctor in their lifetime. The concept behind the health literacy videos is to help Michiganders understand their options, how to utilize their health care, and just as importantly, know how to retain their benefits. The content is presented through animation and voiceover to help adults with literacy challenges learn about their health care. We are thankful to partner with Cabrini Clinic to fulfill this health care education need in our region and state."


GDAHC and the Cabrini Clinic, America's oldest free clinic, collaborated on the content. It's largely based upon one-on-one presentations led by Cabrini Clinic staff to help clients understand and retain health care benefits. GDAHC contracted with Detroit-based Saga MKTG, LLC to produce three animated videos and a public service announcement (PSA). The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided the funding.


"The need to help build people's capacity to use and retain their coverage is more important now than ever before," said Kelly Herron, executive director of Cabrini Clinic. "Cabrini Clinic is committed to increasing health coverage literacy. Enrollment is only the first step. The videos facilitate the understanding of health coverage rights and responsibilities by emphasizing the basics. We all need that base knowledge if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is going to succeed, and if Michigan is to become a state of healthy people."


The "Pathway to Health Care" videos are available below and at, on our Facebook page and on YouTube. GDAHC and the Cabrini Clinic will host a viewing party at Bookies Bar & Grille (2208 Cass Avenue, Downtown Detroit) on Wednesday, August 12 at 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Further details will be posted on the GDAHC Facebook page.


The Cabrini Clinic and the Free Clinics of Michigan offer one-on-one assistance for those who need additional help beyond the information shared in the videos. 





Thurs, November 5
5:30 - 8:00 p.m. 
Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center
400 Renaissance Center Drive
Detroit, MI 48243
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2015 Salute to Healthcare
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