Rowan Storm and Divaneh Productions

* Goddess Movement with DASHA BOGDANOVA *  
November 16, 17, & 18, 2012 * Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
 * 799 Main Street * Half Moon Bay * 94019 * California * 

Greetings Friends,

We are so pleased to share the exhilaration and deep harmony of ancient sisterhood with frame drumming, dance, rhythm and voice. Frame Drums developed with women's introduction to agriculture and sifting grain. Camaraderie, moving and singing together make all kinds of work more enjoyable. Over the millennia, women continue to gather together with their frame drums for work, ritual and celebration. We look forward to sharing this timeless community.

With her frame drum designs and pioneering teaching method, Rowan Storm welcomes us to connect with the Pulse of Nature and the Middle Eastern Frame Drum Circle. Each individual's unique creativity finds expression through rhythm. Dasha Bogdanova restores our embodiment of feminine energy with devotional dance movement, and delights our spirit with her soulful and delicious taste treats.

Learn more about Rowan's Symmetrical Method and watch her teaching videos HERE

WORKSHOP FEE $300 includes:
* Rowan Storm's 12" Thinline Frame Drum by Remo
* Delicious Delights by Dasha:
Friday evening
light dinner and Saturday lunch
(Separate cost for lodging and Saturday night dinner at a local restaurant)

More information:

Limited spaces still available
Dasha Bogdanova at 650-483-0751 and/or
email Dasha at

* All levels of drummers welcome
* Ground yourself and dance into rhythmic discovery
* Frame drum technique: traditional and symmetrical
* Dumbek technique
* Deepen your listening and communication skills
* Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Your rhythms
* Improvise and discover your unique rhythmicity
* Beginners and experienced players harmonize
* Goddess dress welcome

Suggested things to bring with you:
Metronome, Notebook, Recording device,
Your own frame drum, dumbek, small percussion instruments

Rowan Storm Frame Drums available for
special discount:
Rowan Storm Signature Dayereh by Cooperman
Rowan Storm Thinline Frame Drum ~ 5 diameters
Dayereh by Remo

Friday, 16 November: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
* Community, light dinner, dance warm up with Dasha
* The Frame Drum: Timeless Feminine Legacy
* Your new frame drum and your non-dominant hand
* Rhythm Circle of Engagement: Discover the Pulse

Saturday, 17 November: 9:00am - 8:30pm
* Traditional and symmetrical frame drum technique
* Frame Drum and Dumbek technique
* Evening Rhythm Circle

Sunday, 18 November: 9:00am - 1:00pm
* Frame Drum Orchestra
* Closing Ceremony

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Rowan Storm is recognized internationally as a percussionist, singer and educator of traditional Middle Eastern hand drumming and culture. For 30 years Rowan has been performing with master musicians in venues such as San Francisco's Asian Art Museum, New York's Lincoln Center and Greece's Epidavros Ancient Amphitheater. With her streamlined frame drum designs, Rowan is pioneering the Partner Hand Symmetrical Frame Drum Method and the Facilitated Frame Drum Circle. Uniquely accessible with their shallow frame and light weight, Rowan's frame drums and teaching method lead to rapid authority with all Middle Eastern frame drums, dumbek, and rhythms including odd meters. Engaging both hands equally in creative expression, both brain hemispheres are awakened as the rational is balanced with the intuitive. 


Dasha Bogdanova is a healer, dancer, drummer, singer, artist, teacher, and organic chef living in Half Moon Bay, CA. Dasha guides women in her "Belly Dance With The Goddess Within" classes and workshops on the coast including family group events, special ceremonies, and women's retreats. Her goal is in helping women to find their own connection to the divine feminine and earth mother energies for a healthier, happier and more balanced life experience. She has been dancing and performing for the last 12+ years and teaching belly dance deep basics for four years on the coast. She also is a Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Healer. Dasha enjoys the "celebration" of life and sharing the journey with joy.

Rowan HFB1
Dasha this
Traditional Middle Eastern frame drum and dumbek technique is based on three primary strokes and asymmetrical holding and playing positions. The dominant hand leads the creative expression with a bass and treble stroke, while the non-dominant hand is limited to a treble stroke in its supporting role. With the narrow frame and light weight of her streamlined frame drum designs, Rowan Storm is pioneering the symmetrical frame drum playing position. Based on walking, the non-dominant hand is free to play the fourth basic stroke by holding the frame drum in alignment with the body's symmetrical axis. Calling both brain hemispheres into action, new sources of wellness and creativity are released as the intuitive is balanced with the rational.

Setar & Dayereh Improvisation ~ Esfahan Chaharmezrab ~ Nima Janmohammadi ~ Rowan Storm
Rowan Storm Signature Dayereh
by Cooperman
Thinline Frame Drum Demo
Rowan Storm Thinline Frame Drum by Remo
Rowan Storm ~ Introduction ~ Thinline Frame Drum ~ Partner Hand Symmetrical Method (1 of 4)
Introduction ~ Partner Hand Symmetrical Method

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