Bobcat Tracks - December 2015
Connecting our Community
Dollar-A-Day Fundraiser
67% of our Bancroft families have contributed to the Dollar A Day FundThat is tremendous support from 319 out of 474 families. But we can do even better! If you haven't had the chance to give yet, please make your donation today by filling out our forms (or picking them up at the office) and dropping them by the office with a credit card or check.  

These funds pay for everything from instructional aides to counseling services, from the art program to the science lab.  We really are supporting EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY.

The recommended amount is $365 per family plus $100 per child, but every single donation of any amount helps.  Even $20 really adds up for our kids, and family participation means a tremendous amount; it means that you stand behind our school, our teachers, our Principal, and our children.  This kind of vote of confidence and support is not just financial.  Please do not underestimate the impact of a donation of any size.  

And don't forget to ask if your employer matches donations - this is FREE MONEY that doubles the impact of your donation!  

Thank YOU for investing in our kids.

All donations to the Bancroft PFC Dollar A Day Fund are tax deductible (tax id #68-0014955).

PFC Holiday Cheer
Thanks to all for making the 2nd Annual PFC Holiday Cheer event held on Friday December 11th a great success.  

We had a great turn out with around 250 Bancroft family members attending the Holiday Cheer.  The evening allowed the Bancroft community to get together for a winter gathering and enjoy the beautiful Bancroft holiday spirit.  As always when events take place like this it's the people who volunteer that make it special.  That said; I wanted to thank our little helpers Ayla Santana-Ogden, Yaiza Santana-Ogden, Katie Hwang, Leila Evans, and Maggie Marshall for passing out the PFC thank you notes and pencils to attendees. Kuddos also to the following teachers - Mrs. Winberry, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Carlsen, Miss Krikorian, Ms. Bogni, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Parker, and Maestra Stiles who provided with students' artwork and season's greetings writings for wall decoration.  A big shout out to Emerald Bristol and Simon Santana for their donations from Starbucks and Peets bringing the hot water, and Mr. Marc for providing Holiday music and the equipment needed for the audio. 

Thanks so much to Tatiana Diaz, Simon Santana, and Ivan Olds for their hard work keeping up with the hot cocoa servings. I don't want to forget our Bancroft Parents Tatiana Diaz, Fernanda Vergara, and Renata Lucena-Kawer for helping out bringing the cocoa, cookies, and helped with the MUR decorations. 

Our Bancroft community - parents, teachers, students, staff, and principal - worked together to make this night a remarkable one.

Additionally, to our wonderful TWDI 1st grade Bancroft students who performed two Spanish songs (El Invierno and No Quiero Plata) and the wonderful performance from Ms. Sajjad's class. It was a pleasure having you all participate in our Holiday Cheer and sharing your talent with our community.

Special thanks go to PFC board members Alyson, Julie, Mari, Emerald, Cherisse, Jill, Sandi and Anna.  Without all of your help, as well as managing the kid's station, and, of course, the cookies, the event wouldn't have been the same.

And last, but not least, thank you to our amazing Principal Schuler who's been a major part of the organization of this successful Holiday Cheer.

Felices Fiestas and Happy New Year!
Marga Marshall, Bancroft PFC Historian

Box Tops & Labels for Education
Please join us in congratulating Maestra Stiles' 1st grade class as our October winner for collecting the most Box Tops/Labels for Education with over 260 points this month!  

The students are enjoying having the new Bobcat trophy
in their classroom this month and they received 
extra recess time (woo hoo!).  

A BIG thank you for earning Bancroft more money and your continued support of the school!
We also wanted to congratulate Jacob Perlow from 
Mrs. Mitzel's class as the raffle winner of the month!

As a reminder, there are just a few easy steps to collect and contribute Box Tops and Labels for EducationShop for products you already purchase and deposit the labels in the box located in the office (please place labels in a Ziplock bag or envelope with your child's name and teacher's name).
For any questions, feel free to reach out to your coordinators: 
Box Tops for Education: Alyson Ogden
Labels for Education: Debbie Bourne

A Monster Book Fair! 

                      The Fall Book Fair was a great success!  

Thank you to our fabulous volunteers -
Krista Stallings, Tommy Stallings, Areej Bahrani, Jenn Boswell, Julie Fustok, Patricia Geday, Jenny Gysin, Sarah Hansell, Janine Hollenbeck, Romi Jung, and Susan Lee. 
We also have to thank our amazing librarian, Mrs. Gay, for another great Family Story Hour.  

Thank you to all of the families for supporting the Book Fair.  Between families' generous purchases and the funds raised from the Book Fair, each classroom received all of the books in each teacher's "wish basket."  

The other funds raised from the Book Fair will go to the purchase of books and other supplies for our wonderful school library.     

Many thanks,
Melissa Horgan & Katy Schultz, Book Fair Co-Chairs 
Bancroft Rock Stars!                                   
Meet the Bancroft Rock stars! 

The Bancroft Rock Stars are a group of Bobcat first to third grade students that love to sing!  They meet with Ms. Sajjad, and her guitar, after school to sing songs they enjoy.

On Saturday, November 14th, The Bancroft Rock Stars performed at Pinky's Pizza Parlor to a full house! It was the group's first performance in the community. The patio was filled to maximum capacity by proud family, friends and teachers!  

Be in the look out for 
The Bancroft Rock Stars 
future events!
Bancroft PFC has received a total of $825 from the last three D2D Fundraisers.  

The next D2D will be at Panda Express in Walnut Creek.  Details on date and time coming soon.

We would really like recommendations on other restaurants you frequent who participate in these type of fundraisers. 
Please contact Elizabeth Real with your suggestions.

Thank you & Cheers!                
 5th Grade Outdoor Ed Trip
The 2015 Outdoor Science School adventure was held from November 17-20th, 2015 and our current 5th graders had an incredible time.  The charter bus ride to Exploring New Horizons in Loma Mar, California was filled with giggles and enthusiasm.  

Upon arrival, the students played games, met their teachers (aka Naturalists), connected with their counselor, and promptly found out the long awaited news; who was in their cabin!  All were filled with joy to be with their friends and settle into their bunks.  The next many days were packed with excitement.  Bird watching at the Pescadero Marsh, exploring the Tide Pools at Pigeon Point Beach, hiking in the redwood forest, meeting "Dead Fred", discovering the treasures of the Pescadero Creek, eating lunch in the Oaks Meadow, going for a night hike, playing a part in the Slime City Town Hall, getting their boogie on at the Barnyard Boogie, stuffing their faces with pizza, burritos, spaghetti, bacon, cereal, eggs, and having the time of their life.  

It is always a thrill as the classroom teacher to see our students in an environment outside of the classroom.  As teachers, we had a great time being part of their 5th Grade Outdoor School experience.  We can't wait to do it again next year!

Anna Davis
5th Grade Bancroft Elementary teacher
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."
- Albert Einstein
Holiday good wishes and a big THANK YOU from PEAK Education Foundation to all those in our community who participated in the Macy's Charity Shopping Day and the 23rd Annual Turkey Trot.

Both events were a great success! 

Thank you especially to the student and teacher models and Candice Cuoco, who participated in the fashion show, as well as the instrumental and vocal music ensembles; cheerleaders, dance team and leadership students, all from our Northgate schools, who showcased their talents to thoroughly entertain and assist the many shoppers who attended Macy's Grand Reopening Charity Shopping Day.
And, despite the chilly weather on Thanksgiving morning, runners and volunteers were not deterred, and the Turkey Trot had its biggest turnout ever!

The fundraising results from these two events will be forthcoming in the new year but on behalf of PEAK Education Foundation, we thank you for your continued support for our schools.

 Become a Basementeer at Sports Basement!
Our longtime partner, Sports Basement, is spinning the traditional "loyalty" program into a win-win for their loyal customers and our community.  Basementeers receive 10% and give 10%:  
10% off every item every day; 10% of profits back to your favorite local charity like Bancroft Elementary.
Beginning January 1, 2016, there will be a $25 fee to join the Basementeer Program, so be sure to sign up before December 31, 2015. On your next visit to Sports Basement, register as a Basementeer and select Bancroft Elementary as your beneficiary. 

Please note that the ongoing Partner and School discount programs will be phased out as Sports Basement switches over to the Basementeers Program. If you opt not to join Basementeers, you will no longer receive the 10% discount and Bancroft will no longer get it's 10% profit from your purchases.  
Sports Basement just sent the PFC a check for $2200 from the 2014 profit sharing program so this really is a profitable relationship!  Sign up now to continue to earn for our kids!

Upcoming Dates
12/21-1/1: Winter Break

1/11: Kindergarten Packet Pick Up

1/12: PFC Meeting

1/18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
         No School

1/21: School Site Council Meeting

1/22: Teacher In Service
          No School

1/26: 2016-2017 Kindergarten                     Orientation

1/27: Life Skill Assembly for 
            Kinder & 1st grades

1/29: Life Skill Assembly for                          2nd-5th grades 

Visit the Bancroft online calendar for future dates.
Thank You!
 Thank you to Melissa Horgan and Katy Schultz for organizing another successful Bookfair! This event is one of the most important ways that the PFC supports the Bancroft Library.
Thank you to Amy Anderson and Melissa Sunbury for helping in coordinating PEAK's Macy's Charity Event and Turkey Trot. Thanks to all who participated in these  beneficial events for our school! 
Thank you to Cherisse Riney for initiating and  organizing the Scrips Fundraiser. 
Thank you to all the traffic volunteers for keeping our Bancroft Bobcats safe!
Thank you to Elizabeth Real and Roxanne Suzuki for organizing another Dine2Donate fundraiser.
Muchas gracias  Marga Marshall, PFC Board Members, and volunteers for spreading the Holiday Cheer. 
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