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Principal's Message - November
Principal's Message

Greetings from your Principal with hopes that all our Bancroft families are enjoying the change of seasons and the extra hour gained back from Day Light Savings Time. We have had many community events at Bancroft over the last several months which have brought out great family participation. Everyone working together towards a common goal gives our children first hand experiences with service, generosity, and inclusiveness. There are no excuses for not getting involved when it comes to ensuring the well-being and successes of all our kids.


We have had a very successful first trimester of school in many aspects here at Bancroft. There are multiple areas bringing pride within our community. I will recap and touch on some of these in this message to you this month. I hope that you will find the areas in which you have contributed to through your generosity of time, funding, contributions, leadership, involvement, and participation.


Keys to success and areas of pride....


A key area of pride is when our students arrive on time and are present for school each day.  One of the most profound changes in the Common Core is that students are more engaged in their learning through collaboration, conversation, and group and partner projects. These types of learning experiences cannot be "made up" on worksheets due to the high leverage of interpersonal experiences that make up the unique characteristics of the learning. Students are using their knowledge and skills in more "real life" learning experiences.  How can a parent continue to support this aspect of learning with the Common Core expectations?  Avoid taking your child out of school for any reason other than illness.  I realize that family emergencies come up and travel out of the area become necessary, however planning a family vacation during your child's schooling is like taking time off from work when you do not have allotted vacation time. You would likely lose pay. I use this somewhat dramatic analogy to try to illustrate that a student loses something even more valuable than a paycheck... they lose days of learning that are very difficult to duplicate and in some cases become a costly loss of instruction. You get the idea - thank you for contributing to this very important factor to building the Bancroft success story!


Classroom supports provided by volunteerism is another vital key to daily successes. By now our fingerprinted parent and community volunteers are in the classrooms helping with a variety of weekly and monthly programming. These include: Kindergarten stations and the recent Fall Celebrations; First grade math stations every Wednesday; the art program and lessons; Harvest of the Month parent lead lessons; Literacy Learning Centers in grades two and three; the generous support with supplies for the class projects for the fourth and fifth graders; all the room parent coordination, support, and communications between the teacher and parents for participation and involvement for classroom events; and, school wide events such as the Ice Cream Social, City of Walnut Creek Volunteer Day at Bancroft, Walk-a-Thon, Fall Festival, and others round out this support. Yeah, Bancroft you did it! The fifth graders are on their way to the Fifth Grade Exploring New Horizons Science Camp thanks to parent contributions and the school-wide participation in raising funds. (This 4 day, 3 night field trip happens every year in November for all the Bancroft fifth graders. If you shared your spare change, donated or bought a Halloween costume, participated in the Fall Fest or made a contribution- you made this $27,000.00 trip possible!!!!)


What can I do to deepen my participation at Bancroft School?  There will be continued opportunities to participate and contribute. Just one example of this will be coming up in January. We will need parent mentors for the Fifth Grade Science Festival groups which will meet every Wednesday in January-February for about 1 hour (similar to helping with math stations on Wednesday). We will need 15 mentors total, and this is a great chance to work with our wonderful 10 year olds as they collaborate in their group teams on a science experiment and presentation. The presentations are given in February as all the classes in K-4th grade rotate through the mini-lessons.


Dollar a Day giving campaign continues as monthly contribution or as new contributions are provided. This direct giving without the need for a fundraiser gives the Bancroft PFC a large boost to our budget base in order to fund the many aspects of programming at Bancroft, but especially the personnel costs associated with the successful educational programming which includes six classroom assistants in grades K-2 and the library and Science Lab. Our two day a week Language Development Teacher and our one day a week Technology Site Tech.  Some other associated personnel costs include the two history assemblies for the fourth and fifth grade and the Soul Shoppe program for grades K-5.  Additional funding is being considered for a one day a week school counselor to add supports for our students. As you can imagine, these costs are enormous, yet are all part of the on-going planned improvements to bring our children the best possible environment for their learning, achievement, and continued successes.


Daily positive and productive interactions between parents, teachers, staff, and students are what keep families and staff engaged at Bancroft School. Treating each other with care, kindness, and understanding are the foundations to each day...even before lessons and learning begins. Routines, procedures, respectful acknowledgments, are all laid out for our students.


As you reflect on some of the areas of pride and success shared within this Principal's Message, I hope that you have found areas you know about and have participated in and or perhaps you have learned something new or deepened your understanding of something just recently learned regarding our community.  Whatever your involvement is within your community, know that we recognize that the most important relationship is the one between you and your child(ren). Your nurturing, support, and love is seen in the eyes and faces of the children each day - you have given the greatest gift of all even before the first bell rings each day. Thank you for your generosity and for opening your hearts each day to the possibilities provided as each individual carries their portion of raising responsible, kind, brave, and successful children.


Warmest Regards,

Linda Schuler, Bancroft Principal

November's Life Skills of the Month
Problem Solving and Curiosity

All the Life Skills are taught and used throughout every day at Bancroft School and students are given recognition and praise for being living examples of these skills (check out the Bancroft Best tickets to see all the Life Skills). Two specific Life Skills are focused on each month for more in-depth discussion and use. At the end of the month, two to three students are selected by their teacher for exemplary use of those skills and are honored with the Bancroft Life Skill Award.  Additionally, we hold a school-wide assembly for grades 1-5, and the students selected by their teachers are honored at this ceremony and presentation of awards. Parents of the students receiving recognition are provided with an invitation to attend the ceremony.


Look for our Life Skills Assemblies each month listed in the Principal's Message communication or visit the school website for more information.


The Life Skill assembly for Problem Solving and Curiosity will be Friday, December 5th at 1:55 pm in the Multi-Use Room. 

MDUSD Transfer Application Window
Through January 15, 2015 Mt. Diablo Unified School District is accepting applications for Intra District Transfers. If you are interested in applying for a new transfer, please visit the district web site or come into the school office to access the correct forms. If your child is currently attending a MDUSD school on an Intra District Transfer and will be continuing in the school (K-5, middle, or high school) then there is no need to reapply. Enrollment for the 2015-2016 Kindergarten year will be February 3, 2016. Applications for Intra District Transfers for the 2015-2016 Kindergarten enrollments will be accepted during the Kindergarten application window following February 3.
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