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June 2013


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June 3, 2013


Chapter Championship

Our Annual Chapter Championship is scheduled for Saturday, July 13, 2013 at Highfields Golf Club. You can participate as a stroke competitor and play in a field according to your handicap or you can form a team and compete as part of a scramble team. Please review the information pageRegistration will be by mail, rather than online. Contact Arlene Franklin, Chair, with any questions at


The Power of One


Volunteers run this chapter and we need you. There are no paid positions. We are introducing the idea of The Power Of One. If every member would volunteer to do one task: make a phone call, sit at a registration desk, sell prize tickets, coordinate an event, serve on a committee, etc., we would make this chapter run so smoothly. Please reach out to our Leadership Chair, Dee Bouffard, to help in any way you can. Please contact Dee at


Sign Up for Events - Early!


In case you haven't noticed the Events this year are filling up fast! Most are selling out faster than a Rolling Stones concert! There is limited registration with each one, so keep an eye on the upcoming Golf Events and sign up fast!



The remaining Education Clinics are the Weekend Warm-Up Clinics at Robert T. Lynch. Full Swing is Friday, June 14 and Course Management is Friday, July 19. These Clinics help you analyze the state of your game. Checkout the description of all of our great clinics here: 2013 Golf Education Events and Register Now.
Match Play 

The current Match Play leaders are Gina Haigh, Kate Collins and Willa Belcher. Please note, the Rules have been modified as follows: the ROUND requirement has been removed. Players will be required to have completed 6 matches by the end of July to qualify for the post tournament play. All other rules remain the same. See the 2013 Match Play Guidelines and Rules for more information.


Questions Answered from the Handicap Chair:
How Do I Lower my Handicap?

A very common question, I have heard it asked of both Amy Alcott and Dottie Pepper, both LPGA winners and major champions. Amy and Dottie answered the question the same way: To lower your scores and handicap, practice on your short game: chipping and putting.

There is one club your are going to use on every hole - your putter. Practicing the two- to six-foot putts and being able to make them with regularity will help your score.

All golfers miss the green. Whether in the rough or a bunker, being able to get the ball up on the green with one shot and then make the putt with confidence ("I got this") will help your score.

Short game does not require great strength. Players of all shapes and sizes can be good short game players.

EWGA Boston offers clinics in all aspects of the game which you can find out about on our chapter web site
Look under "Up Coming Clinics" or on the Events Registration Page.

Local golf pros offer short game clinics as well, so check with your local golf course, or ask one of your fellow EWGA members.

"... Putt for Dough"


Have a question about keeping handicaps? Please email me at I am looking for questions to answer in this column. Even if I do not print your question, I will send you an answer.


Swing Away!

- Kate


P.S. There is still time to establish a handicap and sign up for the Biggest Loser Challenge. Check it out on the