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May 2013


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May 5, 2013


A Message from Our President

A few thoughts on our 2013 season...this season leads up to our 20th anniversary next spring and we have a lot of great events planned for you.

First, welcome back to the Boston Chapter! It has been a long, snowy winter and we are finally being rewarded with beautiful sunny days. Rain, rain stay away-especially on league nights!

1. CONNECTIONS: Our opening Kick Off event, held in March, was a big success. Over 130 members and guests attended and heard an inspiring talk by our keynote speaker, Dottie Pepper, visited our vendors and got to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.


Many of us have joined the EWGA to find these personal relationships. Maybe it is while enjoying a round of golf at a beautiful course, or attending an educational clinic, or playing all summer in an EWGA league, or playing in one of our weekend events. All of these activities have been designed to give you a chance to enjoy a fun golfing experience with the least amount of hassle for you. We have set up the venues, dates, tee times and pairings so that all you have to do is sign up online and arrive in time for your tee time. Any questions about events, please contact the Events Chair, Lyndsay Oglesby, at, Sue Weber, League Chair, at, or Debbie Kirk, Chair of Educational Clinics at

2. COMMUNICATION: We strive to always give you the information you need to enjoy our events without filling your inboxes. Along this line, we will be sending you a communication approximately every 2 weeks. One will be a full newsletter with expanded articles and chapter updates and one will be a brief listing of upcoming events and registration deadlines. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email our Communications Chair, Charlene Gaboriault, at


3. MEMBERSHIP: We ended last year with 375 members, which makes the Boston Chapter one of the largest in the country. We hope to expand the membership, so please reach out to your friends and invite them to join us. Ask them to name you as the referring member and you might win a new member referral award. And don't forget to renew your own membership. Some of you may not have received a timely renewal notice from the national office, so check out your renewal date and make sure you are up to date. If you have any questions please contact Membership Chair, Karen Cardillo, at


4. HANDICAP: One of the things I love about golf is that any of us, at any level of skill, can play with anyone else. The handicap system levels the playing field so that we can all compete on a fair basis. Our Handicap Chair, Kate Collins, has designed some easy to understand handicap brochures called "Personal Par." She makes the steps to create and maintain a handicap easy to understand. Personal Par is a way to personalize your use of the free handicap system the EWGA provides to each member. Please contact Kate for more info at


5. COMPETITIVE PLAY: Some of us come out to play a casual round and socialize with friends. Others, like me, thrive on competition and want opportunities to play against other competitors. We have several opportunities for competitive play. Quickly arriving on our calendar is the New England Cup. This is a team match play event among 7 of the EWGA New England Chapters. Ginnie Evans and Jackie Corcoran of the Boston Chapter created this event four years ago. Each year one of the chapters hosts the tournament at a course in their chapter. This year the event is on June 29, 2013, hosted by the Springfield Chapter in Agawam, MA. Boston has fielded two teams of eight each year. Robin Duffy is our captain this year. Last year Team B lost the cup by a 1/2 point. Let's take the cup home this year!


The major competitive event our chapter hosts is the Annual Chapter Championship. This year it is scheduled for Saturday, July 13, 2013 at Highfields Golf Club. You can participate as a stroke competitor and play in a field according to your handicap or you can form a team and compete as part of a scramble team. This year I am chairing the event. I hope that at least 50 players will compete in this tournament, which is the first step towards competing on a national level. This is the largest amateur women's golf tournament in the country. Please review the information pageRegistration will be by mail, rather than online. Registration forms will be posted this week. Contact me with any questions at


6. VOLUNTEER: Volunteers run this chapter and we need you. There are no paid positions. We are introducing the idea of The Power Of One. If every member would volunteer to do one task: make a phone call, sit at a registration desk, sell prize tickets, coordinate an event, serve on a committee, etc., we would make this chapter run so smoothly. Please reach out to our Leadership Chair, Dee Bouffard, to help in any way you can. You will be hearing more from Dee soon about some changes in our chapter structure. The national headquarters realized that volunteering seems like a daunting task, so it developed a new, simplified chapter Board structure that makes it easier to get members to volunteer without requiring attendance at monthly Board meetings. Please contact Dee at


Finally, my hope for this season is that we all have a great time playing the game we all love. Since this is our 20th birthday season, make a personal wish for this year. My personal goals are to improve my skills and make new friends. Please think about what you wish for this year. We are here to help you make those wishes come true!


Please contact me with any comments at




Arlene Franklin

EWGA Boston Chapter President




There are still a few more Clinics to help you analyze the state of your game. Checkout the description of all of our great clinics here: 2013 Golf Education Events and Register Now.
Match Play 

ROUND ONE just started on May 4th! New Format and Scoring this year -- you can also challenge anyone on the ladder. Check out the new Rules in the 2013 Match Play Guidelines and Rules. There is still time to sign up. Register now.


Questions Answered from the Handicap Chair:
Why Keep a Golf Handicap?
What is Personal Par?

A golf handicap is a measure of your level of play. You can use a handicap to create your Personal Par for a golf course. If you always score a 7 on a particular hole, 7 is likely your Personal Par for that hole. If you score a 6, that is a Personal Birdie!


Players of different experience levels can play the same golf course and compare scores to see how well they played the course.This is done by recording each round you play and creating a Handicap.


If your handicap is 36, you add 2 strokes to the scorecard par to create your Personal Par. So Par 5s, become Par 7s. Par 3s, are really Par 5s for you!


You can create a Personal Par scorecard for any golf course with a spreadsheet posted here. Select Course Scorecard Template.


Have a question about keeping handicaps? Please email me at I am looking for questions to answer in this column. Even if I do not print your question, I will send you an answer.


Swing Away!

- Kate


P.S. There is still time to establish a handicap and sign up for the Biggest Loser Challenge. Check it out on the