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Industry Events...
There has been much talk lately about trade shows which have been an industry staple for many years. They will continue to be part of our industry landscape.
This is how we build relationships and see new products. Trade shows also offer professional development opportunities that are very beneficial to your business.

Those who take advantage of education at shows and attend these events will have a competitive advantage over those who stay home. 

I just returned from the beautiful and COOL Long Beach, CA, 
site of the Specialty Advertising Association (SAAC) Show. In this issue, we feature video reporting capturing the feel of this strong Regional Association event. To the left are short supplier videos that enable you to discover things you may not have seen. I encourage you to check out these products that will provide a promotional marketing solution for your clients.  

In this issue, we feature the first of a two part series entitled What's Happening with Trade Shows? Clearly there are challenges to the traditional trade show model and we will address that in these two commentaries.  

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Where are Trade Shows Going?

Full disclosure here...and I've said this before, I LOVE trade shows. There is no better way for distributors to connect with their supplier partners. Suppliers have the opportunity connect with new prospects and strengthen relationships with current customers. There is no question however that the dynamics of trade shows are changing. It's a big topic that I will address in two parts.

Video Highlights fromThe SAAC Show! 


The SAAC Show Comes to Life... 


Paul Bellantone Talks About the
Subject No One Wants to Talk About...

Product Safety Jeopardy...  
Rod Brown from MadeToOrder and Gary Haley from Beacon Promotions facilitated this interesting session 

The Industry Panel...
Mark Graham from commonsku facilitated this discussion.

The All Star Band Rocked Long Beach.. 

Who Say's There's No Free Lunch...

People Love the SAAC Show!

The PromoKitchen Mixer, Wine Tasting  
at the Lagoon and the ZOOMcatalog Party 
Take a Look at SAAC Show Social Events!
See Who Made the "Biggest Balloon Hat" 
on the Face of the Planet!
Thanks for Supporting the SAAC Show!
All the SAAC Show Video Reporting Has Been 
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