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July 29, 2014
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Dates to Remember
Aug 11-13
"Animal Connections: Our Journey Together" Exhibit at Iowa State Fair

September 10
IVMA Sports & Field Day
Ames Golf and Country Club

September 18-19
IVMA Annual Meeting

For more information on any of these events visit  www.iowavma.org. 
at the IVMA Annual Meeting!
Attendees at the 2013 Annual Meeting visit the vendor booths.

The 2014 IVMA Annual Meeting is quickly approaching, get your registration in today! The 132nd Annual Meeting for IVMA members will be held September 18-19, at the Scheman Building at the Iowa State Center in Ames.

  • LISTEN to over 50 hours of continuing education hours presented by world class speakers, including Award Winning Animal Behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin. Invite your dog trainers and kennel breeders to register for this one day special event open to public!
  • LEARN about the latest in veterinary technology and services as you visit over 40 vendor booths. Earn ½ CE credit just for visiting the tradeshow area!
  • CONNECT with former classmates and colleagues at Thursday evening's reception.
  • INVITE your client's farriers to Friday's Equine Podiatry Session. Farriers can earn CE credits through their national association for attending.

You should have received the Registration Book in the mail with all the details about this year's Annual Meeting. You may register by sending in the paper registration form from the book, visiting our website www.iowavma.org or calling the IVMA office at 800-369-9564.


Register before September 3rd for Early Registration rates!

Help at the Animal Learning Center at the Iowa State Fair
Photo courtesy Iowa State Fair.

Volunteers are needed to help at the Animal Learning Center at the Iowa State Fair Aug 7-17, 2014. Volunteers work a 4 hour shift (9am -1pm, 1pm-5pm or 5pm-9pm) and receive 1 free admission, 1 free parking pass, a free vet scrub and 2 free meals (either at the Pork Producers tent or Cattlemen's Quarters). To register for a time slot call Dr. Gene Hoy at (641)-660-2185 or email Doc_Hoy@yahoo.com.

IVMA Vice President Nomination Selected

The IVMA Nomination Committee has nominated Dr. Mitch Hiscocks of Carroll for the position of Vice President of the IVMA. Dr. Hiscocks is a 1989 graduate of Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He practices at Carroll Veterinary Clinic, concentrating on feedlot cattle, equine, swine and small animals.


Ballots will be distributed by email, fax or hard copy the first week of August. If you do not receive any correspondence from the IVMA please contact the IVMA office at 800-369-9564 or via email at ivma@iowavma.org. Ballots are due back to the IVMA office by August 20.

There are currently no other nominees. Members of the Nomination Committee include: Drs. Teresa Carmichael, Tom Johnson, Hans Koehnk, Jodie Pettit, Jennifer Schleining, Ryan Steen, Randy Wheeler and Bill Williams.  


Still Time to Nominate for IVMA Awards and Iowa Animal Hall of Fame!

The IVMA is still accepting nominations for both the IVMA Awards and the 2014 Animal Hall of Fame. The deadline for both is Friday, August 1st.


The IVMA awards recognize outstanding IVMA members in the state of Iowa in three categories:   Veterinarian of the Year, the Rising Star Award and the Healthcare Team Member Service Award.   Recognize that deserving colleague today!


The 2014 Animal Hall of Fame Awards promote public awareness of the human-animal bond. Now is your chance to give a special pet this honor. There are three categories for these awards, Hero, Companion, and Professional.


Nomination forms and more information can be found on the IVMA website at www.iowavma.org, Get Involved, Nomination Forms, or you can call the IVMA office at 800-369-9564 to have one mailed to you.

New Regulation of Antibiotics in Livestock Feed

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is implementing a plan to help phase out the use of medically important antimicrobials in food animals for food production purposes, such as to enhance growth or improve feed efficiency. The plan would also phase in veterinary oversight of the remaining appropriate therapeutic uses of such drugs. The changes to the VFD are related to the FDA's Final Guidance 213, which establishes a three-year timeframe for phasing out growth-promotion uses of antibiotics important in human medicine and the phasing in of veterinary oversight.


Certain antimicrobials have historically been used in the feed or drinking water of cattle, poultry, hogs, and other food animals for production purposes such as using less food to gain weight. Some of these antimicrobials are important drugs used to treat human infection, prompting concerns about the contribution of this practice to increasing the ability of bacteria and other microbes to resist the effects of a drug. Once antimicrobial resistance occurs, a drug may no longer be as effective in treating various illnesses or infections.


For more information, visit the FDA website's article FDA Takes Significant Steps to Address Antimicrobial Resistance .

Tell Congress to oppose unnecessary prescription writing mandates for Veterinarians 

A bill has been introduced by Sens. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Richard Blumethal (D-Conn) that claims it will allow consumers a choice on where they purchase their pets' medications. The Fairness to Pet Owners Act (H.R. 4023) would require a veterinarian to provide a client with a written prescription for domesticated household animals, whether or not requested by the client. The veterinarian would be prohibited from charging for writing the prescription or asking a client to sign a liability waiver related to writing the prescription.


Why oppose this bill?        

  • Clients have had and continue to have the ability to fill a prescription at a pharmacy of their choice. Though not required by federal law, the AVMA's Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics and its guide on Client Requests for Prescriptions encourage veterinarians to write a prescription in lieu of dispensing a medication when asked by a client, and many states, including Iowa follow these guidelines.
  • This bill could also cause undue regulatory and administrative burdens on small business veterinary practices that could potentially raise the costs for pet care.
Take action!
Please contact your House of Representatives' member in opposition to the Fairness to Pet Owners Act (H.R. 4023) today!

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