Bigger Projects through
Deep Energy Retrofits
For ESCOs and Public/Private Sector Energy Professionals
Henderson, Nevada 
(near Las Vegas) 
Friday, February 7th   

Brought to you by 
                    Nevada Governor's Office of Energy          
in partnership with
                    Rocky Mountain Institute 
       and with support from  
                    U.S. Department of Energy

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Friday, February 7th
8:30 - 3:30

City of Henderson 
Convention Center
(13 miles SE of 
Las Vegas airport)
Lunch included
$75 - Private sector
$20 - Government & non-profit


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Sue Stephens
Energy Program Manager

Nevada Governor's Office of Energy

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Bigger Projects through  
Deep Energy Retrofits  

How to grow bigger projects - capture savings of over 50%
  • Trade secrets for success
  • Building the business case
  • Integrative design analysis techniques and procedures
  • Case studies
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Processes and analysis tools
  • Hands-on activities
  • And fun!  
What Is a Deep Energy Retrofit? 


whole-building retrofit process that 


achieves greater savings 
(50% energy savings or more!)


at equal or lower cost.    


Yes, this is achievable!   


And, it factors in the value of other benefits beyond energy savings.      

Who Should Attend?   
  • ESCO representatives
    • Sales managers and account executives
    • Energy engineers
    • M&V specialists
    • Auditors
    • Project Managers
  • Facility Managers, Maintenance Directors and other building decision-makers from Nevada state and local governments
  • Project facilitators and consultants
  • Financing company representatives
What You Will Learn
  • The process to make a deep retrofit successful (you've heard about it, come learn about it!)
  •  The pieces needed for a compelling business case (convince the right people with the right data)
  • When a building is 'ripe' for a deep retrofit 
  • The best tools to use (and how to apply them)
  • Lessons learned from other deep retrofit projects (what not to do and what makes a difference)
The training is a fast-paced combination of activities and presentations.    

from Rocky Mountain Institute 


Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)  

RMI's approach is to focus on unlocking market-based solutions that can be replicated and implemented 
now - to accelerate and scale solutions that tackle the toughest long-term problems. 
Cara Carmichael

Cara has worked on dozens of deep energy retrofit projects and created RMI's Retrofit Depot website. She has taught numerous courses on deep energy retrofits to corporate and governmental audiences alike.


Ellen Franconi

Ellen provides specialized technical expertise for energy-efficient deep-retrofit building projects, focusing on promoting an integrated design process and conducting building simulation modeling, benchmarking, and measuring and verifying predicted performance.

Chris McClurg

Chris brings a wealth of post-retrofit commissioning experience and shares her passion on making buildings work in the way that they were intended. She is known as 'the closer' by closing the loop between design and operation, ensuring low energy and cost buildings. 

Make it Two Days!

Thursday, February 6th - 
Round-Up the Savings to Pay for Facility Improvements
Learn how to upgrade facilities with no up-front cost through performance contracting - energy and operating cost-savings pay for facility improvements.     
Friday, February 7th 
Bigger Projects through Deep Energy Retrofits 
Training as described above.