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 Spring has sprung!

It is that time of year again, the time where every western Washingtonian gets to go through the drawers and pull out that summer outfit.  Stepping out into the beautiful sunny air with a little more spring in the step. The flowers are in full bloom the leaves are back on the trees and the air has that fresh scent that seems to linger making it hard to want to do the list that is sitting on the counter.  The List, the one that has been growing since January, it contains things like; fix deck boards, repair the fence, paint the eaves, replace the skylight, build a shed, or other such things that are not looking so appealing right now.  

All that means is rather than tackling it yourself give the Gaspar's handyman team a call.  Erica is ready to take your call now and will get you on the schedule for the next open appointment.  With a "no job is too small" ideology Gaspar's will get to the next project without hesitation.  With our help you can set that list to the side and get to what really matters, whatever that may be. 

Deck Remodel (before)
Deck Remodel -before-
Deck Remodel _after_
Deck Remodel -after-
Employee Spotlight 

Gaspar's would like to welcome 
Kelli Fillingim to the family as our new Kelli Fillingim administrative assistant.   When calling in to talk with a member of the team Kelli will be the first person you get to talk to. She is a great multi tasker and is a great addition to the team.

Kelli has been back in Seattle for a year now, she came back from Manhattan.  She was a book editor between New York and San Francisco, but she missed the area.  She has several friends and Family in the area and is happy to be back home.  Since coming back to Seattle, Kelli has been able to slow down a bit, she says "it has been a challenge to slow down" to the Seattle lifestyle.  Her experience as an editor was fun and she still does some freelance work on the side. In her spare time Kelli likes to hike, read, and check out new restaurants.  For a good time she likes to get out to a good game of shuffle board, and a movie.  Seattle is home for Kelli... please join the Gaspar's team in welcoming her back to the Emerald City.
What Adventure Lies 
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We are continually looking for qualified lead carpenters and service technicians. Please pass our name on to anyone 
you think might be a good fit for 
the Gaspar's team. 

Happy Anniversary

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Thank You from Gaspar's

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