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 Spring is in the air...

Every year as the flowers begin to bloom and the days get longer Washingtonians start to yearn for the outdoors.  This year will be no exception, even though the rain will fall and the wind will blow, we will still want to be outside.  Outside often means the back yard and deck will become our bastion of sanity and relief from the humdrum of the daily grind.  That means that Gaspar's will get the calls, "we need our deck looked at" and we are happy to do so.  Our design team is ready to tackle the most elaborate of ideas to help create your "sanity saver".  Maybe the deck is good and just needs some boards replaced or color added to it.  Maybe you like the deck and want to add some flower beds or potting areas to it.  Either way the time is nigh to book your consultation and let us help you get... Outside.
What are you planting?
According to a gardening web site now is the time to plant.  With weather being so mild this year why not go outside and plant something on your deck or new built up garden boxes.  We recommend herbs and perennials that flower some local shops like This One have a wide range for your home.  It's not too late to have a box or deck designed and built for spring planting.
Decks need love too, this one is not safe anymore.
Ahh, that's better, now it's safe and ready for spring!
What? No deck?
Now that's a deck!

Employee Spotlight 

DJ Larsen - Designer
We would like to welcome DJ to the Gaspar's family as our new architect.  DJ has spent the last several years as a commercial engineering designer that means he can do cool things like 3D renderings and design drafting.  He has his master's degree in industrial design and has been in the industry for the last 2 decades.  He brings his experience with him from Minneapolis and is ready to use his remarkable talents in his new home, Seattle.

DJ moved to Seattle from Minnesota looking for a little less cold, and a new scene.  So far he says "I love Seattle".  He has been exploring the area and finds that Belltown suites his palate so far.  DJ has a youthful air about him and is ready to tackle all the adventures that Washington can throw at him.  
His hobbies include Art and furniture design with a side of cooking and exploration.  DJ is a good fit within the Gaspar's family and is here to assist with all the design and rendering needs your project needs.    

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Upcoming Events 
Cooking Class
April 6th
Chef Kate 
We are very happy to welcome back to our kitchen, Chef Kate! Come meet this fun, easy going mom and chef that we insist on pulling from her mommy duties to teach her shortcuts and easy meals that you can cook for your family.

Gaspars Cooking Class

April 6th
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Only $25 per person
Space is limited
reserve your spot today!
Call Jen (206) 324-8199
Welcome to the Team!

Please welcome Kelli Fillingim to our team!  When you call in, you will be greeted by Kelli and she will be happy to help in any way she can.   

We also welcome DJ Larson to our design team. Learn more about DJ in our employee spotlight.

We are continually looking for great lead carpenters and/or service technicians so please give our name out to anyone you think might be a good fit to join our team. 

Happy Anniversary

Allegra & Roger Anderson
Misc. Interior upgrades

Elsa Rosenkrantz - Attic

Raymond Krystyniak 
Mike Anthis
Exterior upgrades 

April is Tulip time 
in Washington
Plan your trip 
to see the fields!

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