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On getting your teeth cleaned
April 2013
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AT Summer Courses in Amherst , MA
Dental Hygiene and the Alexander Technique?
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Are you getting ready to make plans for summer?
In this brief newsletter my main purpose is to let you know about an exciting  series of Alexander Technique workshops being taught this July by very experienced faculty in Amherst, MA.
And I will share with you my thoughts about the routine and practice of dental hygiene. Find out what this has to do with the Alexander Technique.
Michaela Hauser-Wagner

Would you like to take your Alexander Technique learning farther and further?


Between Friday, July 26 and Wednesday, July 31 The Alexander Technique Connection will offer a weekend workshop and a series of half day and one day workshops in Amherst, MA. You can enroll in the weekend class from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. During the following three days you can take individual workshops on various topics, ranging from voice to meditation, from balance to musicianship.


All workshops are being taught by faculty who graduated from The Alexander Technique School of New England with Missy Vineyard. As a certified Speech, Language and Voice therapist I am co-teaching a one-day workshop called "Speak Easy" with Linklater teacher and Alexander Technique colleague Ruth Rootberg on Wednesday, July 31. 


Please check out our brochure and be sure to let me know if I can help you with any kind of information or details.


You should definitely check out our website Alexander Technique Connection, if only for the terrific set of photos on the homepage. Some of us teachers are demonstrating good and bad us, an easy access opportunity for the visual learner to understand what we are talking about when we say "good use."


How often do you get your teeth cleaned?


Well, with some initial reluctance I have been following the rule to get my teeth cleaned about every six months. At my appointment last week the hygienist confirmed the general unchanged health of my gums and teeth, and before cleaning them she pointed out some problem areas. I was pleased to hear that I had done well  behind the molars, an area I had previously neglected. Then she showed me new trouble spots on the inside of the upper and lower incisors. When I went home that evening I not only enjoyed my "new" smooth teeth, but I was intrigued to pay attention to my cleaning habits, and verified that certain areas in this small, complex three-dimensional cavity go rather unnoticed over the period of a few months. I had received a  treatment and a health check, but mostly I appreciated the element of education and advice.


What might this have to do with lessons in the Alexander Technique, where you acquire the art and tool set to change your habits, and thus change the use of yourself?


1. Even if you are not comfortable in a dentist office and particularly on that chair - in the end it feels good to have some debris removed from your system. Similarly after an Alexander Technique lesson you tend to feel better and ideally you have peeled away a layer of misuse and are able to see some part of yourself with renewed clarity. On a certain level I am using my hands to treat you and make you feel well.


2. Modern health practitioners are not focused on one particular area of your body, your knees, your tension or your gums. We help our students, clients or patients to see the bigger picture and integrate healthful perspectives and practices. Working with you means understanding your living and work situation, your stress level and your general health issues. Together we can set goals for your practice until your next visit.


3. You will receive ideas, advice, tips and the chance to observe your actions with diligence and self respect. You get a chance to renew your practice whether it is flossing or lying down, walking or washing dishes.


Do consider renewing your practice of the Alexander Technique at least two times a year with a month of  lessons!  

Remember your "Monkey", when you stand in front of the sink:
Let your knees bend forward while your hips drift back in space.
Let your neck release for a freely balanced head and let your back lengthen and widen. Your heels are connecting to the ground and your shoulders and arms are freeing out towards the elbows.  

 Additional teaching space in Middletown as well as some Saturday hours in Guilford are available. Lessons need to be arranged with Michaela at or by calling 203-271-3525.



Your Voice Resides Inside Your Body, Tuesdays May 14 and 21, 6:30 - 8:30

I am inviting you to watch the new video that the American Society for the Alexander Technique has created to educate the public. I would be interested in your comments, whether you are a student with background or experience in the Technique or whether you are a potentially interested newcomer.


Are you wondering if you have prepaid lessons with me? Send me an email or give me a call to find out. As you know, I will be honoring those indefinitely.