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My human surprised me earlier today - I was just sitting in the sunlight soaking up the warmth like I usually do and 
 *Boom* she whisked me up in her arms and gently but firmly gave me the biggest hug. What an amazing feeling!

But then I've been an especially good kitty lately. No hairballs (that visit to my doctor last month did the trick), no breaking knickknacks, no overturning water dishes and no shredding furniture or curtains. I've even become a most cooperative walking partner, at least when it is not raining. Even my early morning scurries have been less frenetic and more reserved.

I must be losing my touch.

Or, heaven forbid, I might be entering middle age!

Memo to cat owners:
June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day. Surprise your cat and celebrate at least once this day why you love your crazy feline. 

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Quote of the Month

You may...if you try hard enough, be able to enter into a very small part of a cat's world...But the world of a kitten is almost impenetrable and you must rest content, mostly, to play the role of spectator. Unless you are tragically handicapped by the lack of any sense of humor you should be able to enjoy yourself.

Philip Brown
English Writer
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn -Funded Research ~ May, 2016
The 2016 Grant Awards...

Ten feline medical research grant awards totaling $141,171 were announced on April 26 by Winn Feline Foundation. Funded through generous donations by private and corporate sources world-wide, the awards were for the following studies:

cfDNA and liquid biopsy - a novel diagnostic approach for melanocytic tumors. (W16-011)
Principal Investigators: Barbara Nell, DECVO, Jessica Rushton DVM; Clinic of Small Animal Surgery, Dentistry and Ophthalmology, Vetmeduni Vienna; $5,188.
Efficacy of a new treatment for cats with ronidazole-resistant Tritrichomonas foetus infection. (W16-053)
Principal Investigators: Jody Gookin, DVM,PhD, DACVIM, Mark Papich, DVM, MS, ACVCP; North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine; $24,585.
(Sponsored in part by BIOMED)
Precision Medicine for Felines. (W16-030)
Principal Investigators: Leslie A. Lyons, PhD, Barbara Gandolfi, PhD; University of Missouri; $4,900 (Anonymous Sponsors)
Evaluating new drug compounds for treating feline coronavirus, a continuation study. (W16-022)
Principal Investigators: Brian Murphy, DVM, PhD, ACVP; Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD; University of California, Davis; $12,175
Mefloquine's potential to inhibit FIPV infection in the cat.(W16-023)
Principal Investigators: Merran Govendir,BVSc, PhD, Jacqueline Norris, BVSc, PhD; The University of Sydney, Australia; $11,750
Exploring humoral responses to non-structural proteins of feline coronaviruses. (W16-024)
Principal Investigator: Magdalena Dunowska, BVsc, PhD; Massey University, New Zealand; $25,000
Holter monitoring in the home environment for cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. (W16-038)
Principal Investigator: Katherine Scollan, DVM, DACVIM, Oregon State University; $16,330
Seeking genetic markers of Abyssinian/Somali hereditary amyloidosis. (W16-028)
Principal Investigators: Maria Longheri, DVM, PhD, University of Milan; Leslie A. Lyons, PhD, University of Missouri; $6,900
Evaluation of DNA variants associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the Persian cat. (W16-034) 
Principal Investigator: Kathryn Meurs, DVM, PhD, DACVIM; North Carolina State University; $23,531.
Phenotypic characterization of cardiomyopathy in Birman cats - a phase two continuation study. (W16-040)
Principal Investigator: Virginia Luis Fuentes, VetMB, PhD, DACVIM, DECVIM; Royal Veterinary College, University of London; $10,812

The Winn Symposium In Vegas 

Steve Dale, board member and MC at 2015 Symposium
~They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas~

Just a reminder to stay in Vegas and attend the 38th Annual Winn Symposium! 

The program will be held on
June 30th from 4-6:30 p.m. during the CFA annual meeting, Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas.
Scheduled speakers for the Symposium are

Dr. Leslie Lyons - "Genetics and Precision Medicine: State of the Art Health Care for Cats!"

Dr. Nicholas Dodman - "Feline Compulsive Disorders"

The presentations are approved by AAVSB RACE for 2 CE credits for veterinarians and veterinary technicians/technologists.
Space is Limited, so Register for the Symposium Now
Be A Cat Health Champion Today

How do you become a Cat Health Champion?

Recurring gifts are important for Winn's ability to fund the best cat health studies.

Winn's new Cat Health Champion designation is our way of recognizing the extra value of routinely scheduled donations. Details about how to become a champion for better cat health are found on our Recurring Donors page.

At the same time, your donation can have double the impact while you check your eligibility on our Matching Gifts page. Or you have the option to check your eligibility and apply at the end of the donation process.

Become a Cat Health Champion Today!


Tritrichomonas foetus
BIOMED sponsors a recent Winn study. 

BioMed Diagnostics of White City, OR is a well recognized company manufacturing a variety of unique microbiology diagnostic devices for clinical and animal health testing. One such device is culture media used for diagnosing and transport of the organism, 
T. foetusa protozoal parasite that is a cause of chronic diarrhea in cats that is often difficult to treat. 

BIOMED believes a safer and more efficacious therapy is needed for this infection in cats. Thus, the company has sponsored in part Winn grant, 
W16-053, "Efficacy of a new treatment for cats with ronidazole-resistant Tritrichomonas foetus infection", as a challenge for others to also sponsor this critical research.

Sponsorship of Grants is Easy

Simply pick one of the projects below seeking sponsors ($250 minimum donation). 

Go to our website for more information on the project and to make your sponsorship donation online or download a donation form to mail to: 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff NJ 07481.

2016 Projects for Sponsorship:
  • W16-023: Mefloquine's potential to inhibit FIPV infection in the cat
  • W16-034: Evaluation of DNA variants associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the Persian cat
  • W16-053: Efficacy of a new treatment for cats with ronidazole-resistant Tritrichomonas foetus infection
Important Planned Giving Tip for May

Life insurance (whole life or term) is an often overlooked way to make charitable gifts.  A gift of life insurance can be as simple as designating the charity as beneficiary or contingent beneficiary.  Life insurance proceeds can go to the charity directly without probate, court costs, legal fees or unnecessary delays.  The full benefit will go to the charity even if the donor dies after making only a few premium payments.  
A charitable gift can be made using life insurance without affecting assets earmarked for family members, such as a family home or business.  It can also result in a federal estate tax deduction for the full amount paid to the charity.  Current gifts of a life insurance policy itself, or a life insurance trust, may even create income tax deductions now for the donor.  Consult your tax advisor for more details.
For any questions, please contact

High Tech Home Care

What if there was a way to empower a pet owner in the care of their cat?  Learn about a high tech, home health monitoring option that could very well optimize the management and outcomes of cats with a variety of diseases.

Learn More
An important final Grant Summary Report about E. coli infection in kittens

Drs. Jody Gookin and Victoria Watson have provided a special report for our supporters on their Winn funded study, 
E. coli infection in kittens - evidence for a pathogenic role in diarrheal death and protective effect of probiotics" .

Honored Donors for April 2016

A Special Thank You to 
The Cat Fanciers' Association for their gift in April

Dr. Parva BerutczykDr. Marcus BrownAmy Choboy
Dr. Kathryn ChristensenCombined Federal CampaignSteve Dale
Heather Demirjian-MartinSusan GingrichLena Gubarev
Hawkeye State Cat Club, Inc.Judith KingLauren LaPlante-Rothman
John MarinoFranziska MeyerCasey Marshall
Dr. Victoria OchoaCamilla OwenDr. Arnold Plotnick
Deborah RussellLorraine SheltonDr. Larissa Taylor
Robert/Dr. Vicki ThayerThe Benevity Community Impact FundJames Wilson
Janet/Otto WolfValerie WongZoetis

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Pet Appreciation Week: June 5-11

International Hug Your Cat Day: June 4

World Pet Memorial Day: June 12

Thank you for your continued support.

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