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Oh-oh. Here it comes again... ack...ack...ack...bleah! Another disgusting mess for my human to clean up.
I haven't been quite feeling myself lately and I've been hacking and depositing hairballs more often than I used to. I've heard through the felinevine that my human is worried and thinks these little hair deposits are not normal.

I also hear her scheduling an appointment with my doctor. She says it will be a great time to make sure my diabetes scare a few months ago has remained in check.

Maybe we can skip my walk for the day?
Fat chance, here comes that horrible leash! At least it is not raining...
Memo to cat owners:

Hairballs can be an indication of a more serious digestive issue and suggests the need to visit your cat's veterinarian. Here is a hairball story Winnie and you should check out.

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She is a sprightly cat, hardly past her youth...she darts out a paw, and begins plucking it and inquiring into the matter, as if it were a challenge to play, or something lively enough to be eaten. What a graceful action of that foot of hers, between delicacy and petulance! -- combining something of a thrust out, a beat and a scratch.

Leah Hunt
English Writer and Poet
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn -Funded Research ~ April, 2016
Ready for the 38th Annual Symposium!

The 38th Annual Winn Symposium, "Cat Tales" of Genetics and Behaviorwill be held June 30th from 4-6:30 p.m. at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. Our exceptional speakers for the Symposium are:

Dr. Leslie Lyons - "Genetics and Precision Medicine: State of the Art Health Care for Cats!"

Gene-specific DNA-based tests for inherited diseases have been available for veterinary health care in cats for over 25 years and over 40 genes with approximately 70 DNA variants have been documented to cause phenotypic, disease or blood type variations. More recently, entire genomes of dozens of cats have been sequenced, rapidly gleaning the genetic information controlling health and appearance. In coming years, veterinarians will be performing whole genome screens as a routine component of a disease diagnosis. Dr. Lyons will offer how DNA results will routinely direct future therapies.

Dr. Nicholas Dodman - "Feline Compulsive Disorders" 

The presentation, cause, and treatment for three compulsive behaviors in cats - wool sucking/pica, psychogenic alopecia and feline hyperesthesia syndrome will be discussed.
Also, Dr. Dodman will present findings of a Winn-funded study to locate atypical genomic regions in Birman cats affected with this condition. He will list potential causes and preventive measures that could reduce the occurrence of this troubling and at times, lethal condition. 

Winn at AAHA in Austin, TX

Dr. Katie Tolbert &
Dr. Vicki Thayer
Numerous attendees of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) conference in Austin, TX from March 31 - April 3 were welcomed at the Winn Feline Foundation booth. Winn offered the attendees the opportunity to learn about the Foundation's funded research and programs.

The Pet Memorial Program for Veterinarians (and hospitals) was of particular interest. Veterinarians can remember a client's beloved cat with a tax-deductible donation supporting future cat health studies. Documenting the generous donation, the client receives a personalized card in memory of their cat.

Winn Feline Foundation also sponsored a continuing education track at the conference. Dr. Katie Tolbert,University of Tennessee-Knoxville, spoke on her Winn-funded research about different aspects of gastrointestinal disease in cats. Dr. Tolbert also was interviewed by podcast about the protozoal infection, Tritrichomonas foetus, causing chronic diarrhea in cats that is often resistant to treatment. You can find Winn's podcasts here.

Double Your Donation to Winn

What do Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson all have in common? They are employers with a matching gift program for employees who give. Winn has made it easier for donors to check if their employer offers a matching gift program and also to apply for the program. 

Your donation can have double the impact and you can check your eligibility at our Matching Gifts page. Or you will have the option to check your eligibility and apply at the end of the donation process.

We covered it last month but did you know your volunteer efforts may be eligible for a grant to your charity of choice? It is called "Dollars for Doers" in many instances. Verizon, State Farm and Microsoft are just a few companies who offer these volunteer grant programs.  

Make your gift go farther!


Final Grant Summary Report on Diagnosing Ringworm by PCR versus Fungal Culture

The final grant summary report for W15-001, "A field study to compare a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test with fungal culture for diagnosis of ringworm in an animal shelter".
(Linda Jacobson BVSc, MMedVet,PhD, Lauren McIntyre, RVT, BScH; Toronto Humane Society) is available for download. The report is available to read on Winn's Cat Health News Blog.
An article regarding the study is in the works and will be submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed veterinary journal.
pretty cat
Birman Heart Disease Study Interim Report, Phase One

Dr. Virginia Luis-Fuentes of the Royal Veterinary College in London has provided an interim report regarding W15-044, 
 "Phenotypic characterization of cardiomyopathy in Birman cats".

The interim report is available for download. The report will also be available through Winn's Cat Health News Blog on April 15.

Planned Giving Tip for April

Will you be changing your name because of a marriage, divorce, adoption or other event this year?  On your tax return the name you use for yourself, your spouse or a dependent must match the name on record with the Social Security Administration (SSA).  If the names on your tax return do not match SSA records it may cause delays when you file your taxes or prevent earnings from being posted to your SSA record.  For information about how to change your name with the SSA and get a corrected Social Security card go to:

For any questions, please contact

Neuropathic Pain in Animals

Neuropathic pain can affect both dogs and cats. Possible causes include endocrine and metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, autoimmune conditions, cancer, or in association with chemotherapy administration. Making the diagnosis is not always so easy. Learn about some of the symptoms of neuropathic pain and behaviors that affected animals may demonstrate.
Winn On The Road Again

Winn's next outreach with our exhibit booth is at the America's 
Family Pet Expo at the Orange County Fair and Expo Center from April 22-24. Please stop by if you are at the Expo!

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