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Well, I see my human has decided it's time for a new adventure. Ha...

If she thinks I'm going to subject myself to a new bright red walking harness and a stroll around the block just so we can both get some extra exercise, well she can just think again.
Oh the indignity!
Just because I had a couple of extra pounds (but in just the right places) during my recent checkup, she thinks we need to participate in this stupid "take your pet for a walk" day. Well she can drag me along if she wants but I'm not cooperating. Worse yet, she thinks we can do this nearly every day. 
Ha Ha....
My goodness, there are birds on my lawn! Let's go, go, go!
Memo to cat owners: 

Taking your cat for a walk won't work for every feline companion but exercise and activity is critical to the long term health of your cat. Playtime, joint scurries or any type of fun and regular activity will lower stress and help your friend live longer and healthier.

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Quote of the Month

I am the cat of cats. I am The everlasting cat!
Cunning, and old, and sleek as jam, 
The everlasting cat!
I hunt vermin in the night
The everlasting cat!
For I see best without the light--
The everlasting cat!

-William Bright Rands
British journalist 
and poet
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn-Funded Research ~ January 2016
Valentine's Day Photo Contest

Yes! It's happening!  Winn is having a photo contest for Valentine's Day.

Send Winn a photo that expresses the unique ways you show love for your cat.
"How do I love thee, let me count (the photo) ways......"

Sammy (on the right) is an early entry. 
He knows this is his Christmas tree and is patiently waiting for his catnip present.

Details for submission:

Include the cat's name and your name with the photo

Photo size maximum is 3 MB

Category for prize winner

     * Most Unique      

$50 Amazon Gift Card to winner

Entries are due by February 12. 

Send your photo to

Introducing Two New
      Winn Board Members

Winn recently added two new members to the Board of Directors. 

The new members of the board, Susan E. Gingrich and Dean Vicksman DVM, represent the mix of talented volunteers serving as Winn board members and confirm Winn's commitment to expanding its board to include the necessary skill sets for a growing foundation. 

Ms. Gingrich lives in Loudon, TN and established the Bria Fund for FIP Research.
Dr. Vicksman is a co-owner of Evans East Animal Hospital in Denver. 

Read more about these two exceptional individuals who have joined Winn.

Winn and the AAFP Announce New Joint Veterinary Scholarship for 2016
Winn Feline Foundation (Winn) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) are pleased to announce a new joint scholarship for a third or fourth year veterinary student enrolled in an accredited veterinary college or school in the United States or Canada. The $2,500 award will be based upon academic achievement, financial need, leadership, and dedication to and excellence in the study of feline medicine, health and welfare. 

Download the application for further details.

Read the joint press release regarding the scholarship.

Consults & Second Opinions

Your 6-year-old cat has been to the vet 3 times in the past 2 months for a GI problem with no clear diagnosis and you feel strongly that it's time for a second opinion ...
Five New Cat Health Articles

Check out Winn's Cat Health Library. Five new cat health articles are now available for viewing or downloading: 
FeLV & FIV (Feline retroviruses), FIV, Feline Blood Types (Transfusions and NIE), Feline Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction, Non-obstructive Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

Planned Giving Tip for January

The holiday season brings many solicitations for charitable contributions from many worthy causes.  But how can you be sure the organization asking for donations has qualified as a public charity?  The IRS has a solution.  Go to their web site at: You can search for the status of charitable organizations by name or EIN (their tax ID number). Winn Feline Foundation (EIN 23-7138699) is a fully qualified public charity.  Your donations to Winn are deductible as charitable contributions to the fullest extent permitted by law

For any questions, please contact

Rewarding research results!

After starting on a quest in 1994 with Winn Feline Foundation funding, Dr. Leslie Lyons and her colleagues at the University of Missouri have found the DNA variant associated with craniofacial defects in Burmese cats. As Dr. Lyon's says, "It is the fruition of her career's work". Winn congratulates Dr. Lyons.
An abstract of the article can be viewed online. A recent blog post offers information on the cause of Devon Rex and Sphynx spasticity also discovered by Dr. Lyons' group.
Other Winn research news...

Dr. Karen Moriello has been actively publishing several articles related to her Winn funded research around the decontamination of surfaces for dermatophytes or "ringworm". An article abstract about kennel disinfectants is located online here and another article abstract on the decontamination of laundry can be found here.
Honored Donors for December 2015, $100 or more
2015 ended with a "Bang" and huge support from our Winn family of donors. In fact, our list of Honored Donors of $100 or more totaled 130! Due to such a long list, this month the table of names can be viewed here. We would love to add your name to this special group and make our list even longer.

Special recognition this year to the Birman Heart Foundation, raising money for another phase of research on Birman heart disease and supporters of the Persian HCM Fund for their efforts toward funding research on this critical issue in Persians and related breeds.

Thank You!
On the Calendar 

Walk Your Pet Month

January 22: Answer Your Cat's Question Day

January 24: Change a Pet's Life Day

February 12: Photo Contest Entries
Thank you for your continued support.

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