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Meow...(Continued from November...)

Well, as you can imagine, I was shocked, just shocked that I might be developing feline diabetes. My human closely watches my diet and behavior, and given how svelte and slim (if I do say so myself) I am - well maybe a pound or so extra in just the right places - who would have dared think I might be on my way to a special diet or other treatment.
Two days later, it was off to my veterinarian. After a humiliating experience being weighed on a funny white platform showing red numbers (it lied! - there is no way I could weigh that much!), I was poked, prodded and palpated beyond any acceptable measure. I would share the details but I know I have a family audience. It's a good thing my disposition is so wonderful.

Well, I could go on and on about my experience but to make a long story short, the blood test results showed normal readings and no cause for worry. Regular checkups, even for a healthy cat like me, really pay off.
Now if I could somehow get my human to keep feeding me those extra treats I'm so fond of...

Memo to Cat Owners: 
Holiday times can be stressful for your favorite feline companions. Extra visitors, decorations, new noises and smells all change the environment that your loving cat has become accustomed to. Make sure your cat friends continue to have a safe place to hide and rest.

Also, watch for those special seasonal hazards e.g. silica gel packs found with many packages, lily and amaryllis plants, liquid potpourri and other attractive items that cats are drawn to.

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Quote of the Month

In these days of tension, human beings can learn a great deal about relaxation from watching a cat, who doesn't just lie down when it is time to rest, but pours his body on the floor and rests in every nerve and muscle.

Murray Robinson
American Writer
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn -Funded Research ~ December 2015
2015 Miller Trust Grants Announced

Winn recently announced the 2015 Miller Trust Grant recommendations in partnership with the George Sydney and Phyllis Redmond Miller Trust. Grant funding for four cat health studies totaled $118,137. The projects are:

Targeting additional surface antigens for treatment of Tritrichomonas foetus in cats  (MT15-005) Principal Investigator: M. Katherine Tolbert DVM, PhD, DACVIM; University of Tennessee-Knoxville; $21,775
Evaluating a safer combination of pre-anesthetic sedation and general anesthesia in cats (MT15-006) Principal Investigator: Bruno Pypendop, DVM, DACVA; University of California-Davis; $27,378
Differentiating feline alimentary lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease with a blood test   (MT15-012) Principal Investigator: Kurt Zimmerman, DVM, PhD, DACVP; Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine; $34,990
A multicentric study using mesenchymal stem cell therapy for chronic gingivostomatitis (MT15-016) Principal Investigator: Boaz Arzi, DVM, AVDC, Dori Borgesson, DVM, PhD, ACVP; University of California-Davis; $33,994

Winn On the Road at the
  CFA International Cat Show
Winn accepted the gracious offer of The Cat Fanciers™ Association for exhibit space at the recent International Cat Show near King of Prussia, PA. Board Member Janet Wolf staffed the booth and answered questions about Winn programs.  This was an opportunity to tell cat owners about Winn's new Honor Your Technician or Veterinarian programs.  With the holidays around the corner, these programs are a great way to say Thank You for those special people who have helped your cat over the years (see below). Winn luggage tags were also available and breeders took advantage of these for a small donation.

Thank you to our gracious hosts at The Cat Fanciers' Assn.

Winn's Veterinary Honor Roll Program

Dr. Pamela Borderieux
How can you recognize and say thank you to an extraordinary veterinary professional this holiday season?

Kim Barotti Jesson knew of a way. She honored Dr. Pamela Borderieux of Pebble Creek Animal and Bird Hospital in Tampa by a donation to Winn's Veterinary Honor Roll. Dr. Borderieux received our special framed Honor Roll certificate and her name on our webpage dedicated to this honor.

As Kim says of the honor, "She helped us through a very difficult time, as everyone knows. She was instrumental in Kona's diagnosis, his treatment and his care in the last few months of his short life. I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and constant emotional support to me."  Kim has written a book called Kona's Fight which raises money through the Bria Fund for FIP Research.

Winn's Cat Health Library and Blog

Three updated cat health articles have been added to our educational library .............chronic kidney disease (CKD), feline inflammatory bowel disease, and feline asthma. The articles can be downloaded in pdf form. They join other informational articles added in the last year on feline diabetes, feline hyperthyroidism, and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Additional articles will be added shortly.

Winn extends a big Thank You to the veterinary medical team delivering current research summaries for Winn's twice weekly Cat Health News Blog and other cat health articles for our cat-loving supporters. The WINNing team includes Dr. Glenn Olah (Winn President), Dr. Melissa Kennedy, Dr. Patricia Shea, Dr. Vicki Thayer (Winn Executive Director), and newest contributor, Dr. Matthew Kornya from Canada.

A special thank you also goes to Dr. Susan Little, a past President of Winn, for establishing and managing these informational sources for a number of years, and to Steve Dale, Winn's Media Contact and radio personality par excellence, for his work in educating the public about animal health and welfare.

Double Your Impact for Cats

Your donation can have double the impact for FIP, heart disease, or other types of Winn-funded research. You can check your eligibility on our Matching Gifts page. Or you will have the option to check your eligibility and apply at the end of the donation process.

Companies like AT&T, Chevron, Starbucks, Tektronix, Microsoft, and others will match your donation if eligible. Make your gift go farther!
Do you use AmazonSmile?

Winn Feline Foundation is a participant in the Amazon Smile program when you shop 
Winn is also a participant in the IGive/Amazon program for charities. When you sign up and shop, Winn will receive as a donation 1.3% of the purchase of eligible items. 

Please select Winn Feline Foundation as your charitable organization of choice when you use Amazon Smile and/or IGive when you do your holiday shopping. 

Planned Giving (Tax) Tip for December

It's not too late to make a charitable contribution which can be deducted on your 2015 income taxes.  Charitable contributions made by December 31 may be deducted this year.  You may deduct charitable donations made by credit card before year-end as a 2015 contribution, even if it you don't pay your credit card bill until next year.  Donations made by check may be deducted if mailed by December 31 even though your bank account may not be debited until next year.

For any questions, please contact


Cats can experience seizures like humans. 

Among the numerous causes are tumors, infection, and exposure to toxic substances. Often the cause of the seizure is unknown, or idiopathic.  

Learn about why and what can be done for seizures at
Three New Videos 

New videos about three current health concerns and how Winn is helping find answers have been added to Winn's website. Learn more about feline asthma with Dr. Carol Reinero, degenerative joint disease in cats with Dr. Duncan Lascelles, and potentially treating feline chronic kidney disease with stem cells from Dr. Jessica Quimby.

Honored Donors for November 2015
Anonymous FundAtlantic Himalayan ClubAndy Balcerski
Barry/Emily BerkovKatherine BockDr. Marcus Brown
Dr. Steve CallahanMatt ChinDr. Arnold Plotnick
Yu ChiuDr. Laurie ClaussCombined Federal Campaign
Cynthia DelaneyBob/Dr. Vicki ThayerHeather Demirjian
Christine Fama-KeaneRebecca GallowayRob Georgeson
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Valerie HaarstickSarah HarrisonAlicia Holmgren
Amy JacksonAnn JohnsonPatricia Winn Lambert
Lisa LemanowiczKerry LitzaPhilip Lupo
Laura McMenaminJennifer MeyersEileen Moyer
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Dr. Daniel WatsonClaus/Susanne Wehnert

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