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Did you know there is a National Cat Day? 

Seems to me it is one big secret. It's time to let the world know how to party. There simply is not enough celebrating this momentous occasion! There are half-eaten cat food crunchies to spread around the floor, cat litter to track throughout the house, surprise hair balls (if I said where, it wouldn't be a surprise), water bowls to upset and shag rug scratching posts to overturn. You just don't know how to celebrate unless you have at least two or three scurries each day doing some or all of these fabulous feline tricks. And it gets even better; after a sharp word (maybe two if I really do my tricks well), I get a refilled food dish, clean litter, fresh water and lots of attention while I purr-mise to keep celebrating!

Memo to cat owners:  October is a great month for cats and their human family - as Winnie notes above, we can celebrate National Cat Day on October 29. Also, given the prevalence of obesity related diseases, we can learn about the effects of obesity in cats as we observe Obesity Prevention Day on October 14.

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Quote of the Month

They say there are 
Twenty-four hours in a day
But I am up for three of them
And two I consider overtime

- Cat Proverb

From Francesco Marciuliano
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn -Funded Research  ~  October 2015
Ride for a Winn - October 29th and 30th

A reminder for your calendars! Winn's president, Dr. Glenn Olah, will be celebrating National Cat Day and raising money for feline health by biking over two days on October 29th through 30th from Taos, NM to Denver, Co.  The ride is ~ 330 miles long with ~ 12,000 feet ascent at an average elevation of 6000 feet. The ride will end at the Crowne Plaza Hotel - Denver International Airport.

On October 31, Glenn will be giving a presentation about feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) at the Rocky Mountain Cat Club's Spooktacular cat show.

Individuals can also support Winn and Winn Riders for Feline Health by purchasing a Winn bike jersey or sport shirt. Ordering details can be found on the Winn Riders' brochure.

Winn on the Road at AAFP -
A New Podcast    

Winn just came home from a successful trip as an exhibitor at the 3rd World Feline Conference with the American Assn. of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) in San Diego.

Dr. Colleen Currigan
Join Winn's Executive Director, 
Dr. Vicki Thayer, in a podcast conversation with AAFP's President-Elect, Dr. Colleen Currigan, about how AAFP's Cat Friendly Practice Program benefits cats and veterinary practices. We discuss how AAFP and Winn can work together for our common goal to help cats. 

In addition, Dr. Currigan just recognized one of her technicians for her 10th anniversary with the Cat Hospital of Chicago by donating to Winn's Technician Honor Roll program. What a wonderful way to recognize an outstanding licensed technician for National Technician's Week of October 11-17.

For a donation of $100 or more, Winn will send a beautiful framed certificate and a letter naming the donor to the technician. In addition,  their name will be listed on the Technician Honor Roll page on Winn's website. 

Ways to Grow Your Donation to Winn

Don't forget, Winn has added a matching gift program (Double Your Donation) for employees who give. Winn has made it easier for donors to check if their employer offers a matching gift program and also to apply for the program. 

Your donation can have double the impact and you can check your eligibility at our Matching Gifts page. Or you will have the option to check your eligibility and apply at the end of the donation process.

Winn Feline Foundation is part of the Amazon Smile program. Now Winn is part of combining Amazon Smile and IGive. When you use IGive/Amazon to shop, Winn will receive a donation of 1.3% of the purchase amount on eligible items. 

Please select Winn Feline Foundation as your charitable organization of choice when you use Amazon Smile and/or IGive. 

Transcripts Available!

The transcripts for the 37th Annual Winn Symposium are now available for downloading.

Dr Gookin's presentation on "Understanding the probiotic versus pathogenic role of gut bacteria in kittens with diarrhea";


Dr. Craig Webb's talk on "Feline stem cells as a novel treatment for cats with chronic intestinal disease" can be found on our podcast webpage.
Winn Event Survey Results

Winn's short survey results are in. 

Respondents would prefer to attend a topical presentation about cat health at a cat shelter/humane society, cat café, or another specific location. 

Respondents would also invite other cat lovers to attend, would be willing to donate while attending but would prefer not to host an event.

Planned Giving Tip for September

Your estate plan (your Will or Trust or both) should mention your pets and how you wish them to be cared for in the event of your death.  Many states now allow "pet trusts" to care for your pets.  However, pet trusts weren't enforceable under English common law.  So there is no "common law" pet trust; they are state-specific.  Your lawyer can advise of you regarding the technical legal requirements or limits under your state law.

For any questions, please contact

Food to Fight Fear

What to anchovy paste, whipped cream, and bonito flakes have in common? 

These are tasty and delicious foods that can help to change the emotional response in a cat that fears a trip to the veterinarian.

Be cat friendly!
Bria Fund "Raise the Roof"

Please join Winn and Bria Fund Supporters in raising money for the Bria Fund's 2016 FIP research, and have some fun, too. It is a great way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Bria Fund. 

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