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July 2015
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Meow.... As the hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer start to shorten (already!), I'm ready for a new challenge. This morning I've already attacked my toy catnip pillow, removed hundreds of shaggy threads from my cat perch, found a new quiet place to retreat from the screaming, visiting mini humans and timed my daily scurry just when my human tries to sneak a "cat nap". Also, a short rest on the computer keyboard just as the human sits down to exercise its fingers earned a well-deserved stroking and brushing.  


What more can a busy feline do?


Maybe this afternoon will bring the bright red dot that escapes my best ambush? Time for a good munch on a cat friendly plant? No question a visit to the food bowl is in order and the birds outside the window are also due for a good scare (must be sure not to jump into the window!).  Might it be time to resurrect the dusty old catnip mouse from under the sofa?


Who says these are the lazy days of summer?


Memo to Cat Owners: 

Can you think of a new and different activity for Winnie? What does the feline ruler of your household do to enliven your life? Send Winn your suggestions.


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When she walked...she stretched out long and thin like a little tiger, and held her head high to look over the grass as if she were threading the jungle.


Sarah Orne Jewett


American Writer

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The 2015 Winn Symposium


              ...............Toronto was the place


                    ..............July 2 was the date



Master of Ceremonies


Steve Dale



Dr. Craig Webb


Dr. Jody Gookin

The lecture notes and audio podcasts for both

Transcripts from both talks will be available in the near future. Watch for an update in this newsletter.


Check out Winn's Facebook page for more photos from Toronto.


Thank You to the Cat Fanciers' Association for their support of the Winn Symposium at their Annual meeting.



A Reminder:

Winn's Patriotic Photo Contest



Please remember Winn's Patriotic Cats Photo Contest!

Send in that photo of your cat in a red/white/blue setting and/or attire, or in the colors associated with your family's country. Or, honor our military by sending a photo of your cat with a person of military or in uniform. Perhaps a summertime look? 

No problem!


Submissions must include:

The cat's name and your name with the photo

Photo size maximum is 3 MB


Categories for prize winners 


     * Best of Show             * Most Humorous


$50 Amazon Gift Card to winner in each category


Selected by panel of judges


Last day for submission is now August 1, 2015



A New Special Fund 

for Research Established



The Winn Board of Directors is pleased to announce the approval of a new and important special fund for research into amyloidosis in the 'slinky' or Siamese-related breeds. This serious problem in affected cats primarily involves the liver and kidneys which can lead to organ failure, internal bleeding and death.


Please note: This fund will not be a focus for Familial Amyloidosis in Abyssinians, a disease due to a different form of amyloid protein. Because of a special estate bequest, there are funds available for research on prevention of Abyssinian health problems.


Details are now available regarding this new Special Fund on our Ways to Give webpage and donations can be made to the Amyloidosis in Siamese-related Breeds Fund on our donations or GIVE NOW page.


The guidelines for establishing a Special Fund have been updated. A copy can be requested by contacting Winn directly.



Dr. Jody Gookin informed Winn Feline Foundation about a recent publication in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.  She called the research results a "Winn-Win."


The article is the result of Winn-funded research involving samples shared and tested between the clinical laboratories of North Carolina State University (Dr. Gookin) and Colorado State University (Dr. Michael Lappin). Coxiella burnetii, a world-wide bacterium with a zoonotic potential (Q fever in people), was evaluated as a possible source of reproductive abnormalities in queens. More details can be found on our Cat Health News Blog.

~Planned Giving Tip for July ~


Being organized may not reduce your taxes but it can help you avoid overpayment.  For example, if you donate your time to a charity you may be able to deduct certain expense (such as mileage) but only if you document and claim them.  One-time charitable donations early in the year may be forgotten by tax time.  Don't wait until the end of the year to document your contributions/donations.  Keep track as you go to maximize your deduction later. 


More information is available on our Planned Giving

website page or by contacting Winn.

*Honored Donors for June 2015*
$100 or more

Devon AkersLoretta BartolucciCarole Behrmann
Christine BennettDr. Colleen CurriganSusannah Czernicki
Cynthia DelaneyIngrid FilgraebeGarden State Cat Club of NJ, Inc.
Kathryn HahnAmanda HamDebra Hucaby
Kathlyn HusonJohn/Julia MarinoCarlton Martin
Carlton MartinSona MinakianDr. Arnold Plotnick
Mary Anne SchaferSchwab CharitableSusan Share
The Cat Doctor SCTed ThompsonValley Empire Cat Club
Sky YoshimuraDr. Vicki/Bob ThayerAnonymous Donor

Thank You! Topic of the Month

Invitation to a free webinar


Feline Osteoarthritis - Pain Management and Integrative Care Options
Date / Time:  July 21, 2015 @ 9 pm ET / 8p CT / 6p PT
Presented by: Deirdre Chiaramonte, DVM, DACVIM, CCRT, CVA

Join in this hour and learn about integrative modalities and pain management options for cats with osteoarthritis. Discussion will include pharmacologic pain control, use of supplements, weight management, beneficial exercise, and integrative care for affected patients.

Veterinary professionals should register for the event in VetVine to be eligible to earn CE credit.

Non-veterinary professionals can sign up by clicking this link.
Thanks to Winn donors, researchers have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of cats. Whether it was an urgent need, a devastating disease or a critical improvement in a cat's quality of life, Winn donations have made a difference. Winn-funded research has led to improvements in cat food, the science behind most vaccines your cat receives, and progress in the fight against FIV, leukemia, diabetes, FIP, heart disease and a host of other illnesses in cats.

For a view of our continuing outreach to cat lovers worldwide, please visit our website, our Facebook page, our Pintereswall or our blogTo learn more about Winn, please go to, and to support our efforts please select Give Now.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Winn Feline Foundation Board of Directors