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 June 2015
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I am one lucky feline. My companion made sure I had lots of extra hugs on Hug Your Cat Day, June 4th. Nothing makes me feel better than lots of extra attention - maybe with an extra treat!.

I know there are many cats everywhere that do not get this kind of attention and love. Just yesterday I was acting aloof, 

my normal state, pretending to ignore my human and her visitor. As usual, the subject of Cats pricked up my ears.

As the "Queen" of my domain, you could just imagine my surprise when my human had the audacity to hint she might visit the local shelter and see if there was a proper feline companion for me. Horrors!!  The thought of sharing my bed, my food and my human with another "cat",  hmmmm....

maybe it wouldn't be so bad? Another one to blame for the mystery hairballs I leave on the rug? Maybe a playful friend to blame for the broken porcelain figurine? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all?



Memo to Cat Owners: 


Please support your local shelter with donations of food, cat toys, cleaning supplies or other gifts whenever possible. Homeless felines with little hope of a loving, safe environment is a heartbreaking thought. Help make National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month a "purring" success. 


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Cats always know whether people like or dislike them.

They do not always care enough to do anything about it.


-Winifred Carriere


-American writer and publisher

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Time to bring out the camera again and show off your favorite cat(s)!

Feeling Patriotic?

Send in a photo of your cat in a red/white/blue setting and/or attire, or in the colors associated with your family's country. Honor our military by sending a photo of your cat with a person from the military or in uniform.


Details for submission:

Include the cat's name and your name with the photo


Photo size maximum is 3 MB


Categories for prize winners  --


*Best of Show*         *Most Humorous*


$50 Amazon Gift Card to winner in each category


Selected by panel of judges


Last day for submission is September 1, 2015

View our Photo Gallery to see the prior contest photos!


One More Reminder 

Winn Feline Foundation Symposium


Cat with research papers    

The 37th Annual Winn Symposium will be held Thursday,July 2, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, ON, Canada. The program is RACE approved for veterinarians and veterinary technicians for 2 hours of CE.


 Register For The Symposium 


~This year's program includes~


Jody Gookin DVM, PhD, DACVIM from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine

"Understanding the probiotic versus pathogenic role of gut bacteria in kittens with diarrhea"




Craig Webb, DVM, PhD, DACVIM from Colorado State University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital


"Feline stem cells as a novel treatment for cats with chronic intestinal disease"  


Download the 2015 Symposium Flyer 


2015 Winn Media Appreciation Award


Fran Pennock Shaw and Steve Dale
at  BlogPaws


Nashville, the home of country music, was the recent location of the annual BlogPaws Conference. Steve Dale, Winn board member and radio personality extraordinaire presented the 2015 Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award to Fran Pennock Shaw. 


Fran is an award-winning freelance writer and former newspaper reporter from Lancaster, PA who specializes in covering animal health and research issues. She has published approximately 300 companion animal articles in newspapers, magazines and newsletters and has frequently written articles for the Purina Pro Club (cat version newsletter). Fran is also a past president and former treasurer of CWA and remains active in that organization.


View our other Media Appreciation Award recipients.




Dr. Emily Gould 


A recent Winn funded research project was one of the featured research abstract presentations at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) meeting in Indianapolis (June 3-6).


Dr. Emily Gould, from the University of Tennessee, reported on the progress of Winn funded project, 

W15-011 -  Diagnosis and treatment of feline Tritrichomonas fetus through target surface antigens.

Dr. Katherine Tolbert, a colleague and the principal investigator for the project, was also in attendance.


Tritrichomonas foetus (Tf) is a protozoal parasite that is a prevalent cause of chronic diarrhea in domestic cats globally. No rapid, bedside assays are available to diagnose this infection. This research group has previously demonstrated that cat and cattle Tf share common strategies for infecting their hosts. Thus, the aims of this study are to evaluate the expression of 1.15 and 1.17 in feline Tf and to determine if these markers play a role in injury of the intestine and if monoclonal antibodies lessen intestinal cell damage.


Their study demonstrates the presence of surface antigen 1.15 in feline Tf isolate samples. Such findings may represent in the future a novel target for development of a vaccine and/or a rapid table side diagnostic assay.


Read more about the project in the press release about Winn's 2015 Winn grant awards or download our new Research Update.


You can support future critical cat health studies at Winn.



~ Planned Giving Tip for June~


Many employers allow you to make charitable contributions by payroll deduction.  This makes donation easy and record-keeping simple.  Just keep a copy of your W-2 or other document furnished by your employer that shows the total withheld for charitable donation.  You should also keep a copy of the pledge card that shows the name of the charity. 


For federal workers (civilian, postal and military) you may make donations to the Winn Feline Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign (#10321). 

More information is available on our Planned Giving website page or by contacting Winn. 


* Honored Donors for May 2015 *

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Thank You! Topic of the Month

Did you know that that food allergy is more common in cats than in dogs? In fact, food allergy has been reported to occur in up to 40% of all allergy cases in cats.

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