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March 2015
Winnie's Corner
Meow.... Longer days, warmer sunbeams and flighty, flitty birds tempting my ancient hunter roots, oh how I love spring. My human also seems to enjoy the warmer days as I watch her trim her garden and work oh so hard cleaning and organizing my domain according to her desires.  However, I don't like the horrible roaring din of the loud machine being pushed around the house chasing my favorite dust bunnies!

I also know these bursts of activity usually lead to visits from unwelcome little humans. I can't understand how little ones can be so loud and active! They yell and scream as they run through my cat queendom, ignoring my sleep time and interrupting my concentration as I intently plan my bird attacks. I have to admit the extra attention and love from the little ones almost make their noise bearable. 

Must go now as a new sunbeam has enveloped my favorite sofa and a nap will be the best way to capture the warmth! 

Memo to Cat Owners: 

Spring holidays are often marked by new plants around the house. Not all plants are cat friendly and can be dangerous for our feline friends. For example, ingesting any part of an Easter Lily can lead to kidney failure and death.

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Bless their little pointed faces and their big, loyal, loving hearts. If a cat did not put a firm paw down now and then, how could his human remain possessed.


-Winifred Carriere


-American writer

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And the survey results are.....


Winn's 2015 online survey asking about the cat health concerns of our constituents has been completed. The information gleaned from the survey will help Winn better serve our donors, researchers and other clientele. Thanks to all who submitted a completed survey and helped make this project a success!


We will share a few of the significant results in this newsletter. For example, for Question one, "Have you previously donated to the Winn Feline Foundation?" revealed that almost exactly half (339 of 680 total responses) said "yes" while 340 replied "no". One submitted survey did not provide a response. While we are gratified and thankful so many of our survey respondents have donated to Winn in the past, it is clear we need to better understand how we can effectively communicate our mission and gain the trust and support of many more potential contributors.


Question two asked the respondents to indicate, when donating to cat health research, their preference for the type of studies they would like to see completed. Three hundred thirty (48.5%) stated they would like to see studies that benefit "All Cats", 254 (37.3%) selected "Specific diseases or health concerns" and 44 (6.4%) chose "Specific cat breed issues". The remaining 52 respondents chose "Other" or did not respond to this question. 

Stay tuned, watch this space in next month's newsletter for additional survey results. If you have questions or comments about the survey please don't hesitate to email



Winn Feline Foundation 

On the Road


This is the third year that Winn Feline Foundation has participated in a Strategic Alliance with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) by providing a Continuing Education track at their 2015 annual conference in Tampa FL.


Based on the comments by attendees, the Winn sponsored track was a big success. The four presentations were provided by two Winn-funded researchers, Dr. Jessica Quimby of Colorado State University and Dr. Duncan Lascelles of North Carolina State University.

Dr. Jessica Quimby

Dr. Quimby's two presentations covered " Assessing the use of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for feline CKD" and "Inappetence in feline CKD: exploring etiology & management options".


"Assessment of acute perioperative pain &chronic musculoskeletal pain in the cat: a practical solution for use in the clinic" along with "Optimizing perioperative pain control in the cat & treating DJD-associated mobility impairment" were presented later in the day by Dr. Lascelles.


Dr. Duncan Lascelles


In addition, both Dr. Quimby and Dr. Lascelles have active Winn-funded research projects underway. Dr. Quimby's project (Winn grant W14-039) continues her research into the use of stem cells in treatment of chronic kidney disease in cats. Discovering test markers for pain associated with degenerative joint disease (Winn grant WZ14-005) is Dr. Lascelles current project.


Steve Dale


Winn board member, our own Steve Dale, participated in a State of the Industry roundtable and also spoke about the Human-Animal Bond.


Winn received information that the results from 
Winn grant funded project, W12-005, titled "Immunohistochemical quantification of the transcobalaminII protein (TCII) and receptor (TCIIR) in naturally occurring feline tumors" was published in the March 2015 Oncotarget Journal. The full text can be downloaded at no charge.

The high impact journal ranks in the top 6% of oncology (cancer) publications. A key point of the paper states - 'This study's potential to utilize the protein expression of TCII and TCII-R as biomarkers to identify cancer cells, streamline treatment options, evaluate treatment response, and monitor for disease recurrence has important implications in the advancement of cancer management for both human and companion animal patients.'

The project was selected for a poster presentation at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research on April 19. The attendance at last year's meeting was approximately 18,500. The 
3' by 7' poster will recognize Winn Feline Foundation's support. It is not often such a large audience gets to see the importance of cat health studies in cancer research.

Amazon Smile and IGive now together



Winn Feline Foundation has been part of the Amazon Smile program for the past several months. Now Winn is part of combining Amazon Smile and IGive through the link When you use IGive/Amazon to shop, Winn will receive a donation of 1.3% of the purchase amount on eligible items. 

Please select Winn Feline Foundation as your charitable organization of choice. Internet surfing through businesses can earn bonuses for Winn and you. You can still shop anytime at AmazonSmile and Winn Feline Foundation will benefit.


Winn received a very useful donation from the 4th quarter of 2014. We appreciate your support and please select Winn as your charity of choice when you shop AmazonSmile and Give.

~ Planned Giving Tip for March~

(just in time for tax time of April 15)


Thank you to everyone who donated to the Winn Feline Foundation in 2014.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated and help benefit cats everywhere.  As you prepare your 2014 tax returns, don't forget that you may be able to deduct your donation as a charitable contribution.  For most individuals, you should file Form 1040 and itemize deductions on Schedule A. 


More information is available on our Planned Giving page or by contacting Winn.


*Honored Donors for February 2015*

Annamarie Giagunto
Steven Ortley
Dr. Arnold Plotnick
Diane Horn
Kathleen Jack
Robert/Vicki Thayer
Jason/Rachael Benion
Bill/Susan English
David Blackman
Jason VogtPeggy DvorskyAubry Nye Hamilton
Steve AdamsJames HillLise Clark
MaryAnne SchaferGolden Gate Cat ClubMiranda Brennan
The New Culture Club, TICAJoni SmithHawkeye State Cat Club
James ShurskisNicholas HribRonald/Kathryn Emmerson

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Environmental Enrichment for Cats:

Twenty to thirty percent of cats in shelters are there because of a behavior problem. Further, nearly 1/3 of pet cats are kept indoors. Making a cat's indoor environment less static and more responsive to their needs is critical to healthy behavior.

Learn more about environmental enrichment for cats from VetVine's Behavior specialist. A percentage of purchases from the Pet Marketplace go to support cat health studies.

Thanks to Winn donors, researchers have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of cats. Whether it was an urgent need, a devastating disease or a critical improvement in a cat's quality of life, Winn donations have made a difference. Winn-funded research has led to improvements in cat food, the science behind most vaccines your cat receives, and progress in the fight against FIV, leukemia, diabetes, FIP, heart disease and a host of other illnesses in cats.

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