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February 2015
Winnie's Corner
Meow.... Hearts everywhere this month: pink ones, red ones, lacey ones. Fluffy ones that I can play with. Sweet smelling brown ones I'm not allowed to touch. When my assistant brings me to the veterinarian, she always listens to my heart. Sometimes I purr and she laughs that it makes it hard to hear with all that ruckus. But my favorite heart is the one under the covers on a cold, snowy winter's morning. I cuddle up on my assistant's chest and can feel the gentle lub-dub of her heart through the paws of my feet.

Memo to Cat Owners: 

Did you know? 

Winn Feline Foundation grants have funded research into heart disease for decades, from identifying the link between diet and dilated cardiomyopathy in the 1987 to groundbreaking identification of the genetics behind inherited hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in pedigreed cats. Learn more about the Ricky fund here.

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There is something about the presence of a cat......that seems to take the bite out of being alone.


-Louis J. Camuti, DVM


-Author and veterinarian

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Raise the Roof for FIP Research Update

From Susan Gingrich


Our year long celebration of the Bria Fund's 10th anniversary got off to a great start. Currently, there are several supporters holding fundraising events. You can access the information on Facebook's Events' section or on our website. New fundraising projects will be added all year. No one is expected to participate in all of them-select those which interest you.


When you visit our event, you will see a photo of a beautiful black kitty . She is "Mays", and her Mom is Kerry Litza, one of our loyal volunteers. Thanks to a new treatment, Mays is living well with FIP. She represents the FIP progress made because of the Bria Fund and FIP research, and also our hope for the future. The precious fur angels lost to FIP will never be forgotten, and we fight in their memory.  Please help us to "Raise the Roof" even Higher!



Dr. Virginia Luis Fuentes' research group from the Royal Veterinary College-London is requesting help in locating cases and samples for their Winn funded study, W13-029, on Norwegian Forest Cat HCM. The specific request is available hereContact Winn for further information. Winn Feline Foundation thanks the Norwegian Forest Cat clubs for their efforts in support of this valuable research.

The study has already generated an article published online in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. The abstract of this article can be found online. With the study actively collecting and evaluating additional cases of Norwegian Forest Cats with more severe forms of cardiomyopathy, there are likely additional publications planned for the future.

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Winn Feline Foundation has been part of the Amazon Smile program for the past several months. Now Winn is part of combining Amazon Smile and IGive through the link When you use IGive/Amazon to shop, Winn will receive a donation of 1.3% of the purchase of eligible items. 

Please select Winn Feline Foundation as your charitable organization of choice. Internet surfing through businesses until mid-March will earn bonuses for Winn and you. You can still shop anytime at AmazonSmile and Winn Feline Foundation will benefit.


~ Planned Giving Tip for February~


You probably know you can make a gift to the Winn Feline Foundation in your Will or Trust.  But did you know you may also make Winn primary or secondary beneficiary of other 'due on death' benefits?  These may include life insurance, IRA accounts, certain annuities, pensions or 401(k) plans. 

(Be sure to ask your tax advisor about rights of your surviving spouse if applicable.)


More information is available on our Planned Giving page or by contacting Winn.


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House Soiling in Cats

20 - 30% of cats in shelters are there because of a behavior problem, 
and house soiling (urinating or defecating outside of the litter box) is 
one of the more common behavior problems that leads to their relinquishment. Although we know much about litter and litterbox style preferences in cats, little has been known about the litter box size preference of cats until recently. Findings of a recent study showed that cats, when given the option, prefer to use a larger litter box! Learn more about litter box preferences and house soiling in cats from VetVine's Behavior specialist.
Thanks to Winn donors, researchers have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of cats. Whether it was an urgent need, a devastating disease or a critical improvement in a cat's quality of life, Winn donations have made a difference. Winn-funded research has led to improvements in cat food, the science behind most vaccines your cat receives, and progress in the fight against FIV, leukemia, diabetes, FIP, heart disease and a host of other illnesses in cats.

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