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January 2015
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Meow. ... It's COLD out there! Where did all this white stuff come from? My assistant planned an extensive excursion this week, and I was looking forward to it.  That was before all the flakes began to fall. Then, when she came in with my carrier, complete with a cover - "to keep you warm, Winnie...." - I thought better of it.   What if some of that white, WET stuff should sneak into my carrier?   As I gaze out the window, it seems to blow this way and that, going wherever the wind takes it! So, I decided to hide. After all these years, I've found the very best places and my assistant has never found some of them. So, I was very quiet and waited until she left without me.   Then, I snuggled down the warmest place in the house!


Memo to cat owners:   If you MUST take your pet outside in freezing weather, be sure your friend is protected from the elements!


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It is with the approach of winter that cats...wear their richest fur and assume an air of sumptuous and delightful opulence.


-Pierre Loti



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What does Jackson Galaxy from "My Cat from Hell" on Animal Planet TV have to do with Winn videos and Winn Feline Foundation?

Find out by visiting our Winn video webpage or Winn's 
YouTube channel. Jackson Galaxy offers advice to cat lovers everywhere. See what advice he offers here.

Along with Jackson Galaxy, Winn has an expanding library of videos featuring Winn funded researchers and results of their research: Dr. Karen Moriello covering "Decontamination of ringworm on household surfaces", Dr. David Maggs on "Dry Eye Problems in Cats", and Dr. Craig Webb discussing "Chronic Gastrointestinal Disease and Stem Cell Therapy".

More videos are planned for 2015 so stay tuned. Speaking of being tuned in, be sure to subscribe to Winn's YouTube Channel along with the podcast library.


Photo Contest Winners Announced



~Most Humorous~

"Mui Mui" 

(from Karen Chow)




"Mui Mui" made our judges laugh out loud on viewing this photo!'










       ~Best of Show~


    (from Sandra Fry)









~Honorable Mention~


(from Liz Rozanski)


'His first Christmas at the hospital!'


All the wonderful cats in the photos are WINNers and Best of Show in their own right. Congratulations to Karen Chow, Sandra Fry, and Liz Rozanski.  Please view all the cats at our photo contest page and a photo slideshow of the entries can be found on Winn's YouTube channel.

10th Anniversary of the Bria Fund

Message from Susan Gingrich


This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the founding of Winn's Bria Fund for FIP Research. To celebrate, there will be many special events and fundraisers, large and small. We are asking our supporters to not just participate in the Bria Fund's initiated fundraisers, but to also consider holding individual events to raise research dollars. Our goal is to make 2015 the Bria Fund's best year ever. In the past 10 years, much was learned about FIP.  Continued research is critical to solving the FIP puzzle. Information on the efforts and fundraisers will be posted on Facebook and via our web site You are warmly invited to join our efforts to Raise the Roof for FIP Research!    


To emphasize and recognize the importance of research about feline infectious peritonitis, there is a newly updated article on FIP in our Cat Health Library. Click to expand the Cat Health Article table to read or download




One way Winn shares and highlights the results of Winn funded research is through our Cat Health News Blog. Winn funded studies are indicated by the little green Winn cat.


A new blog summary features recent research on feline asthma by Dr. Carol Reinero.

New Grant Progress Report Summaries are also available in our Cat Health Library.

~ Honored Donors for December 2014 ~


Several significant cat club donations received earlier in 2014 have been added to the list below.


Genesee Cat Fanciers Club, Inc.Mona Cat Club Inc.
Egyptian Mau Breeders and Fanciers Club
Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers
National Maine Coon Cat Club
Anonymous Donor
Betty White
Alwyn Hill 

Lynda Willis
Laure Dunham
Wendy Rolls 
Susan MacArthurAnna ArnoldEileen Moyer
Yvonne/David HoughtalingMargo SommerfeldCarol List
Linda SnelsonJacqui/Scott PolakoffAlysson Bubbins
Walte GeilPrital ShahKathleen Jack
Shirley SundquistPamela ShaouyKaren Del Tatto
FinProNancy WrightRob/Karen Shawger
Kris/Laura MoenJack Shalvoy-HermannHiroshi Saito
Diane CastorSteve ParsonsMichael Jacobi
Sandra EllisRuthAnn BranoffBarry/Emily Berkov
Bob/Dr. Vicki ThayerTanya WrayConnie Pannec
Christmas City Cat ClubLori KillianKevin Stotz
Sonia Buist, M.D.Cynthia VallesChristine Bennett
Christina KyedJason StoutTara Allan
Joyce LearyDavid GrubbMasumi Nakamura
Majorie HoskinsonJames HillChristine Moore
Susan ClarksonPamela WeekesGrey Evenson
Melissa RosenquistDeanne ColwellArthur Goldberger
Dr. Georgia ArvantisPaul RothenbergJF Richards
Stephen CorsinDr. Douglas MillerLeila Gebert
Janet JacksonSuzanne UnderwoodDr. Brett Chapman
Robert W. HowellsSharon McCombJohn/Linda Barron
Roger JeansonMarsha Ammons /Ozark Cat ClubBrendan O'Flaherty
Melinda KerberAlan/Deborah BrudvigLinda Thaler
M. A. ThalmanDr. Lucy ReynoldsDr. Sondra Grumbein
Kathy DurdickNancy VehrsJasmine Alexander

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Thanks to Winn donors, researchers have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of cats. Whether it was an urgent need, a devastating disease or a critical improvement in a cat's quality of life, Winn donations have made a difference. Winn-funded research has led to improvements in cat food, the science behind most vaccines your cat receives, and progress in the fight against FIV, leukemia, diabetes, FIP, heart disease and a host of other illnesses in cats.

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