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Cool Tools

Cutting Accessories

By Jeff Griffin

Last month, we covered saws, the king in cutting tools. This issue, we take a look at cutting accessories and power cutting tools, taking the discipline of cutting materials in half to a new level. Read more... 

Testers And Meters



Megger's DCM1500 digital clamp meter features true RMS reading on the AC range and has a CAT IV 600V safety rating. Read more... 


Introducing SmartSet™ EMT
Wheatland Tube's SmartSet EMT with built-in set screw helps you work smarter - saving you time and money! Watch the video now >     




Hioki's earth resistance tester is waterproof and dustproof. Read more... 



FLIR's TG165 imaging IR thermometer enables users to see heat patterns, measures temperatures with the onboard spot meter, and stores images and data by seeing a true IR image. Read more... 



Greenlee Communications' Mini fiberTOOLS includes an optical power meter that precisely measures down to -60 dBm. Read more... 


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Tri-Stand Accessories


CutNCatch supports the cut section of conduit, unistrut, etc., so a solo worker can cut while keeping both hands on the band saw. Read more... 



Intermatic's checkfrank web-based configurator gives installers access to product recommendations, installation guides and wiring diagrams. Read more... 


Bridgeport Fittings

Bridgeport Fittings' Mighty-Merge two-to-one EMT 4256-DC coupling joins two -in. EMT to one -in. EMT. Read more... 


Northern Tool + Equipment

Northern Tool + Equipment's Powerhorse portable 4,000W and 7,000W electric-start generators provide power for tools and air compressors at a job site, home appliances, and items used during outdoor activities. Read more... 

Integrated Systems

Fire Barrier


3M Fire Barrier Tuck-In intumescent wrap strips are used in top-side firestop installations. Read more... 


Para Systems

Para Systems Inc.'s Minuteman the Endeavor 5-10 kVA UPS line of battery backup systems uses double conversion technology and protects large networks, servers, enterprise communications and large-scale security systems. Read more... 

Presence Detector


Steinel's Control Pro System consists of PIR, ultrasonic and multitech (PIR, ultrasonic, daylighting) presence detectors. Read more... 

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