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July/August 2013

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Create Your Own Carolina Yard

Tidal Creek Cover
This booklet explores tidal creek ecosystems and the various threats to the valuable services they provide

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Guide for Community Associations

Stormwater Pond Maintenance

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Storm Drain Marker
Mark Storm Drains In Your Neighborhood and Promote Awareness that Storm Drains and Ditches Connect to SC's Waterways
 Email Angela Crouch
Oyster Reef Restoration and Water Quality Monitoring 
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SCORE Program

The ACSEC Wins Community Pride Award!
Community Pride


On May 17, the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium recieved a Captain Pride Award from Community Pride, Inc, a non-profit organization that promotes environmental stewardship among all citizens of Charleston County. Community Pride, Inc. provides awards on an annual basis and has done so for over 40 years. The Captain Pride Award is awarded to up to ten individuals, businesses, governments or civic organizations that have undertaken tasks that have significantly improved the environment.


 To learn about other award recipients,  including a core ACSEC partner, the SCDNR's SCORE program, click HERE .


Tip of the Month: Home Auto Repair
      Storm Drain and AC condensation            oil recycling

Leaks, spills, and improper disposal of materials we use in auto repair can be picked up with runoff and end up in our waterways, polluting the water we use for drinking, fishing, and more!  If you're a do-it-yourself kind of gal or guy, add these simple steps in your car care regimen to help make a big difference in keeping our waterways clean.

  • Check your car regularly for leaks and if found, repair as soon as possible.
  • When changing your oil, remember to use a drip pan to prevent spills.
  •  If an accidental spill occurs, don't wash down with water.  Use dry cleanup methods, such as rags or kitty litter, to absorb.  Kitty litter is an excellent absorbent and can be scooped or swept up after use.
  •  Don't pour oil, antifreeze, degreasers, detergents, or other hazardous liquids and materials down the storm drain or ditch.  Remember, storm drains and ditches flow to waterways!
  •  Recycle!  Many county and city recycling programs have drop-off locations for used oil, oil filters, batteries, and other waste.  Contact your local county or municipal office to find out more information or check out the "disposing of household waste" header in our left hand side toolbar.  
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Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission (CCPRC)
Stewardship Series
Register today! 

CCPRC and local eco-experts team up to share traditional and cutting-edge ways to care for the natural world. Have fun, save money, and learn new skills! The summer 2013 "Stewardship Series" includes workshops on topics such as raising backyard chickens, composting, and energy conservation! Particularly water pertinent, join the ACSEC and Clemson Carolina Clear in the following session: 


Rainwater Harvesting 101

Join Clemson Carolina Clear to learn water smart practices and

residential rainwater harvesting. Participants will take home a preassembled rain barrel, rainwater harvesting manual, and a rain gauge.

Cost: $96 or $80 with a CCR Discount      

When: Thursday, July 25 | 3pm-5pm

Where: James Island County Park


cygs ivy  


To find out more about this series, and register for the Rainwater 101 class and others, visit the CCPRC Website .


Surfrider Foundation & Salty Kidz
Surf Night at the Joe

On Thursday, July 11th, join the Charleston Chapter of the Sufrider Foundation and Salty Kidz for Surf Night at The Joe! Kick-off your fun-filled evening at 5pm with a marsh sweep and standup paddleboard demo at Brittlebank Park. Help keep our beautiful Lowcountry waterways pristine! Then, head inside the Joe Riley Stadium for some great baseball and tons of fun! Cost of admission at  "the Joe" starts at $5.


When: July 11th, marsh litter cleanup starts at 5:00PM

Where: Brittlebank Park (Transition to Riverdogs game at 7:00PM)

Surfrider Marsh Sweep  


We hope to see you there! Learn More !SUP


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New Resource!

Porous Pavement Fact Sheet



NEW! Porous Pavement Fact Sheet


Heard about porous pavement but unsure what it is and how it could be used in your parking lot or driveway? Check out the latest fact sheet in our H2Ownership series, "An Introduction to Porous Pavement," and discover the applications, benefits, and maintenance involved with this type of low impact development practice. H2Ownership series.   


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Clemson 4H2O "Exploring Lowcountry Waterways" Summer Camp

What a fun week we had with our June session of 4H2O "Exploring Lowcountry Waterways!" The following are a few of our favorite pictures from the week. Thanks to all our partners for making this camp possible including South Carolina SeaGrant Consortium, Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, SC Audubon, US Fish and Wildlife Service, SC Department of Natural Resources, Old Santee Canal Park, Cypress Gardens and Barrier Island Ecotours! We look forward to another great week during July 8 to 12! 
Campers explored the ecology, history and the importance of protecting the Ashley and Cooper rivers by visiting a variety of sites by land and water. 
4H2O june 2012     4H2O june 2013

fish june 2013

group june 2013     4h2o paddle

ACSEC Street Interviews

The ACSEC, in partnership with MyTV/Fox24, hit the streets to ask tri-county residents, "Where does stormwater go?".  Find out our results and test your knowledge by checking out the video HERE.  And, keep an eye out for when it plays on Fox24 soon! 

street interview 2013

Goose Creek City Hall

Municipal Lake Shorescaping Project

Shoreline erosion along the municipal lake located behind Goose Creek City Hall created a shear wall of soil with little vegetation to prevent the cycle from continuing. 

The Goose Creek Maintenance Department began monitoring the amount of soil lost to erosion and determined action was needed to prevent  the eventual erosion of the highly popular adjacent recreational trail.  The Goose Creek Maintenance and Engineering Departments worked together to come up with an economical solution that could be easily maintained and stop any future erosion. They decided on a vegetative buffer along the shoreline to not only dissipate the wave energy, but also to secure the soil in place through extensive root systems.  The bank of the lake was reshaped to create a slope favorable for the installation of a "Wetland Carpet," a product of Charleston Aquatic Nursery, that incorporates several species of plants on a biodegradable fibrous coconut mat. Then, seventeen sections of the "Wetland Carpet"  measuring 3 foot by 15 foot, were installed loaded with Canna lilies, native Hibiscus, Iris and more.  
Shorescaping at Goose Creek    shorescaping 2
Photo courtesy Chuck Denson, City of Goose Creek
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ACSEC "Ivy" Rain Barrel Sale

June 1, 2013

Over 160 rain barrels were purchased at the first ever ACSEC rain barrel sale!! 
The event took place on June 1, 2013 at the Charleston County Public Services Building on Leeds Avenue. This outreach effort was provided in partnership between Charleston County Government, the ACSEC and RainWater Solutions; providing rain barrels to the public for $63 a piece. The "Ivy" rain barrel is a product of RainWater Solutions and is a 50 gallon rain barrel that is 100% USA made, made out of 50% recycled plastic and comes with all the bells and whistles needed to start harvesting rainwater. Rain barrels were purchased largely through a pre-order online system, with some availability the day-of pickup. 
Ivy June sale  Ivy Sale 2


 Rain barrels offer a practical, cost-efficient way to gather and store rainwater at your home for outdoor, non-potable use. Other reasons to collect rainwater include the potential to save money on utility bills over the long term, the ability to control moisture levels around the foundation of your home, to water your garden, and to prevent stormwater pollution. 

From Seeds to Shoreline Teacher Workshops

June 25, 2013

A one day teacher workshop was held on June 25th for tri-county teachers participating in the From Seeds to Shoreline (S2S) Program. The workshop took place at the Fort Johnson Marine Center on James Island, and was offered in partnership between SC SeaGrant Consortium, SC Department of Natural Resources, Clemson Extension and the ACSEC. The fifteen participating teachers were involved with hands-on activities including greenhouse construction and Spartina planting, and also received guidance on program curriculum and assistance in planning for the 2013-2014 school-year based on individual school needs.  

S2S teacher workshop
The S2S program is the first student-driven wetland restoration program in South Carolina, and spans the course of the school year as students actively participate in steps required for a wetland restoration effort, from Spartina alterniflora seed collection to germination, to caring for the plants and finally planting! During the 2012-2013 school year, from across the state, 18 schools participated in S2S with 26 teachers and well over 1000 students! 

Great American Cleanup &

 Clean Cities Sweep

March - May 2013

Every year, over 4 million volunteers come together as part of Keep America Beautiful's Great American Cleanup to clean and beautify their local communities! We applaud the work of the local affiliates and ACSEC partners, including Keep Dorchester County Beautiful, Keep North Charleston Beautiful, and Keep Charleston Beautiful, in working with residents to keep the Lowcountry and its waterways litter-free and green! 


As part of the 2013 Great American Cleanup, Keep Dorchester County Beautiful (KDCB) and 376 volunteers worked together to collect 5,440 pounds of trash and plant 300 flowers and trees in and around the Dorchester County community.  Keep North Charleston Beautiful (KNCB) and Keep Charleston Beautiful (KCB) joined forces to host Clean Cities Sweep, in which 1,914 volunteers in Charleston and 17,454 volunteers in North Charleston removed more than 6,320 bags of trash from our streets, parks, and marshes as well as beautify our communities with multiple flower garden and tree planting projects. 


Thank you volunteers and KDCB, KNCB, and KCB!


Pictures and volunteer data provided by Jennifer Scales (KCB), Sarah Rawlings (KNCB), and Carolyn Tomlinson (KDCB). 


great american cleanup 2013
great american cleanup 2013 KDCB GAC photo  
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Storm Drains and Ditches Lead to SC Waterways

The ACSEC is a regional partnership between counties, municipalities, universities, state and local agencies, non-profits and other organizations in the Tri-County region. 
The ACSEC mission: Improve water quality within the Ashley and Cooper River basins by providing educational opportunities on stormwater impacts and our community roles in supporting healthy, fishable, and swimmable waterways. 
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