Oakwood Escrow launches "O TV on Location"


San Diego, Calif. - (August 19, 2014) - Oakwood Escrow announces the launch of a new division of Oakwood TV, www.OakwoodTV.tv, called O TV on Location.


O TV covers local charity and real estate events by going 'on location' to get up close and personal coverage. Attendees and event coordinators are interviewed to get unique coverage and the inside 360 view of the event. The video coverage  also allows the viewer to  witness the excitement of the event. 


O TV is a new division of the current Oakwood TV real estate channel. Through the website, www.OakwoodTV.tv , both OTV and Oakwood TV can be accessed. Oakwood TV is an online television channel that serves as a resource for the viewer to learn 'Everything they've always wanted to know about real estate, but just didn't know who to ask". 


The Oakwood TV real estate channel showcases local video town profiles, interviews with key real estate experts and is an outlet for local real estate and charity events to get media coverage. 




'Outdoor Movie Night For Hunger'
O TV Video Coverage!
OTV - Outdoor Movie Night For Hunger
OTV - Outdoor Movie Night For Hunger
If you're interested in O TV covering your next charity or real estate related event please email Astanley@OakwoodEscrow.com