August 2015

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  • Are you a Teton County Landowner?
  • Stop Invasives in Your Tracks!
  • Upcoming Events - August 19th is the lasst day to submit TCD Cost Share applications & Visit us at the People's Market
West Nile Virus Seasonal Update 
By Marta Iwaseczko - Assistant Supervisor
       Despite vigorous trapping efforts and an uptick in the number of Culex tarsalis specimens collected this season, no sign of West Nile virus (WNV) has been found in Teton County thus far. WNV naturally cycles within our local and visiting bird populations, where it causes variable morbidity, depending upon species. It is transferred within the avian community via ornithophilic species of mosquitoes, predominantly Cx. tarsalis
      To date this season we have tested 92 samples of Cx. tarsalis compared with last year's season total of 53 samples. Similar to last year, none have proven to be infected with WNV. Statewide, results are comparable with all samples tested thus far returning a negative result. Unfortunately, despite local mosquito suppression efforts, an individual in Sheridan County was diagnosed with West Nile fever in early July.
      Although the large mosquito swarms from earlier this season may be waning, with this season's bumper crop of Cx. tarsalis still hovering in many parts of the county, it remains possible to become infected with WNV. Prevention methods include avoiding time outdoors during peak mosquito activity periods (which for Cx. tarsalis occurs within the 2 hours after sunset), wearing loose fitting long sleeved shirts and long pants, applying mosquito repellents according to label and eliminating mosquito habitat in the form of standing water around the home.           

Are you a Teton County Landowner? 
   This is a friendly reminder to help us update our files by filling out the Landowner Permission Form. Click here! 


Stop Invasives in your Tracks!
By Erika Edmiston, TCWP Supervisor
      Imagine you are hiking one of your favorite trails in Teton County. The birds are chirping, a slight breeze is carrying the smell of wildflowers, and an elk is lo unging in the shade of an aspen grove.  Then, OUCH! You recoil as something pokes you in the leg!  Ugh, another thistle, you grumble and continue on your way.

      Now imagine a Teton County without those nasty, pokey thistles, which are so thick in some places that you can barely walk through them. What would your favorite recreation area be like if they weren't there? What if settlers to our valley had been able to prevent their introduction in the first place all those years ago? 

      There are some invasive species in Teton County, like Canada and musk thistles that we will never be able to eradicate. Unfortunately, they are here to stay, though with integrated management they can be kept in check; but what about new invasive species that have not yet been introduced? Can we prevent zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, yellow starthistle, and others from invading our favorite recreation sites? Yes we can! But we all have to work together to PREVENT their introduction and spread!

      Preventing invasive species from establishing in the first place is the cheapest and most effective way to manage them. So how do we do this? What can each and every one of us do to prevent invasive species from being brought here and moved from place to place? We can Play Clean Go!

      With positive action we can make a difference in preventing the spread. Play Clean Go isn't just a slogan; it's a code, an attitude, and an ethic that we can carry with us on all of our adventures. Play Clean Go encourages you to get out and enjoy the outdoors while remembering the importance of preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species by CLEANING your gear before moving to a new location. You can help Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks by implementing four simple steps into your day:

      1) REMOVE plants, animals & mud from boots, gear, pets & vehicles.

      2) CLEAN your gear before entering & leaving the recreation site.

      3) STAY on designated roads & trails.

      4) USE CERTIFIED hay & local firewood.

      All of us can protect Teton County and Wyoming for future generations! Enjoy your favorite areas, and Play Clean Go!

      Join the District and over 200 other organizations in the Play Clean Go partnership! Learn more and become a partner at      

Upcoming Events
Wednesday - August 19th -  Last day to submit Teton Conservation District Cost Share Program applications for the 2015 summer season. 

Wednesday - August 19th -
 TCWP will host a booth at the People's Market from 4-7 p.m. at Snow King. Stop by to learn how to Play Clean Go, get a free boot brush and a Play Clean Go bag. 

Saturday & Sunday, August 22nd- 23rd - TCWP will have a Play, Clean, Go table at the Friends of Pathways' Teton Pass Kicker Mountain bike race and trail run awards ceremony. We will be at Pearl Street Bagels from 11 a.m. - 1:00 pm. Get your free boot brush while supplies last! 

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