July 2015

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In this edition you will find information regarding:
  • Emergency Declaration of New Invader to Teton County

  • Thank you to those who donated their old smart phones
  • Surfactants and Adjuvants for hard to control weeds
  • TCWP to reward those who "Feed Weed Free" 
  • Upcoming Events - Making crafts to teaching about Play, Clean, Go at the races
Emergency Declaration of New Invader in Teton County By Amy Collett - Marketing and Education Coordinator


Austrian fieldcress - New Invader


            The Teton County Weed and Pest District board voted for an emergency declaration of Austrian fieldcress during their board meeting on Tuesday, June 30. The emergency declaration will allow treatment of the invader during this growing season. The emergency declaration was approved by the Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture on July 1.

            While prevention is the first line of defense, it is impossible to stop all invasive species. This is when Early Detection, Rapid Response (EDRR) plays a major role in the process of stopping the new invader. Early detection followed by quick control efforts greatly reduces long term impacts and increases the chance of complete eradication which is TCWP's goal.  "Eradication is the goal for all of our priority one noxious weeds therefore we have a full time staff member dedicated to this effort," stated Erika Edmiston - TCWP Supervisor. "Stopping invasive species before they have a chance to become established is the most cost effective means of control". Continue Reading...


Thank you to those who donated smart phones
By Amy Collett - Marketing and Education Coordinator

Thanks to those who donated their old smart phones!


Meet our awesome mappers Tom and Mark! They are using the repurposed phones to collect invasive species & mosquito data in Arc Collector. So if you see us out on the field "playing" with our smart phones, we are really entering data into this amazing new online system.

Surfactants and Adjuvants for hard to control weeds
By Travis Ziehl, Assistant Supervisor
  Hairy         When considering your options for difficult-to-control weed species, the selection of an appropriate surfactant or adjuvant can be nearly as important as choosing the appropriate herbicide. Adjuvants and surfactants are spray solution additives that make your control efforts more effective. The most common surfactant we sell is a non-ionic surfactant. These surfactants work by helping to break the water tension of your spray droplets, allowingWaxy Leaf each droplet to better spread out across the leaf surface-increasing the potential for the herbicide to do its job. In a bind, you can try using a couple of drops of dish soap to create a similar effect, but soap is ionized and can potentially impact your herbicide's effectiveness. For plants that have a thick, waxy cuticle like Dalmatian toadflax, or for plants with a hairy leaf like houndstongue, a more complex surfactant might improve your results. The District has started using a three-way blended surfactant that include: a non-ionic surfactant, methylated seed oil, and a wetting agent. This surfactant blend allows the herbicide to stay on the plant with better coverage while helping to successfully penetrate the cuticle. Since we've changed to a three-way surfactant, we feel it's started to contribute to our success in the management of many difficult-to-control species. Other adjuvants help reduce foam, minimize drift, create emulsions, and even buffer your water to a more desirable PH. 
TCWP to award those who "Feed Weed Free"
By Amy Collett - Marketing and Education Coordinator
Russian knapweed growing out of hay bales
 Teton County Weed & Pest District will be giving out local gift cards to fair participants that can prove their forage is certified weed free. So what is the big deal about certified weed free forage?
          Prevention is the most economical and proactive method of controlling invasive species by never letting them into this area in the first place. "Feed Weed Free" and "Play, Clean, Go" are the two best ways you can prevent the spread of invasive species. "We want to show our appreciation to those practicing prevention to ensure the health of our habitat in Teton County," states Erika Edmiston -District Supervisor.
          In Wyoming, Teton County is one of the few county's with a weed free forage quarantine. This quarantine goes hand-in-hand with weed free regulations on all federal lands and means that importation of
hay/straw is illegal. It's not just good stewardship to utilize and import/transport weed free, it's economical too. In the article "Weed Management - The Cost of Doing Nothing" it is noted that if you assume a 30% expansion rate for an invasive, a 10 year delay in starting control resulted in a $170,000 first-year cost. (Brian Mealor, Assistant Professor, Invasive Weed Ecology and Extension Weed Specialist at the University of Wyoming weedcontrolfreaks.com) Invasive species cost the United States billions of dollars annually, so an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure.


Upcoming Events
Friday, July 10th - Join TCWP at the Art Fair - Kid's Tent at Miller Park form 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. We will be making mosquitoes with the kids!

Saturday, July 11th - Teton Trail Runners Cache to Game Creek 
Race starting at 8 a.m. TCWP will have a Play, Clean, Go table set up at Game Creek from 9-11:30 am. Get your free boot brush while supplies last! 

Tuesday - Thursday, July 14 - 16th - The JHWMA will be holding the Gros Ventre River Spray Days. If you see crew out there treating knapweed, give them a honk!  

Saturday, August 1st - Rendezvous Mountain Hill Climb at JHMR. TCWP will have a Play, Clean, Go table set up from 10 a.m. to Noon. Get your free boot brush while supplies last! 

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