May 2013

Commissioner Chooses "I Love NY Agriculture" License Plates

NYS Commissioner of Agriculture Darrel Aubertine added a new look to his truck this month - it wasn't a new bumper sticker of fuzzy dice, but it was his very own set of Ag Tags. The commissioner is sporting the new license plate and also supporting New York Agriculture in the Classroom programming. The Department of Agriculture and Markets released a press release about the Ag Tags, and we encourage you to purchase your set today!
Agricultural Literacy Week Teacher Survey Out Now

If your classroom participated in the 2013 Ag Literacy Week program please take a few  moments to fill out the program evaluation survey. If you choose to include your name and contact information, you could be entered to win one of many NYAITC Prize Packs. Please follow the link to fill out the online survey:
Educator Resources
Ideas and Inspirations
Pollinator Field Journalists

Challenge your students to become Pollinator Field Journalists and explore the world of busy bees and hovering hummingbirds just outside their classroom door. This field guide, created by Amy Gifford, leads students through investigations into flower structure, pollinator preference, and pollination. As they record observations and collect data, students discover the important role that pollinators play in helping plants produce seeds and in making the foods they eat. Great for students 4-8.

Science in Your Shopping Cart 
The United States enjoys the cheapest food in the world; but as we walk through the grocery store, do we ever wonder where such an abundance and variety of food and products came from? Help your students learn how agricultural research touches our daily lives, from the fruits and vegetables available to us year-round, to the quality and affordable meat products we consume, all results of the Science in Your Shopping Cart. Lesson plans, booklets, YouTube video, PowerPoint presentations, bulletin boards, teacher guides and pamphlets are all available for free download. Great for students 6-12.

The Garden of Happiness by Erika Tamar 
Help teach your students about the joys of gardening in The Garden of Happiness by Erika Tamar. With colorful images, this book tells the story of how one little girl turned her inner-city neighborhood vacant lot into a beautiful community garden. Great book for incorporating gardening and multiculturalism into your K-3 classroom.




The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews 
Telling the story of Norman Borlaug, The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews, teaches how this man's actions, along with the stories of those who came before him, including Henry Wallace and George Washington Carver, changed the world. Detailing the complex weave of history surrounding the green revolution, this is a great book to incorporate American history, agriculture, and the global food system into one lesson. Great for students 3-5, this story shows how even your smallest actions can influence the whole world for the better.

Web Resources 


Pollinator Partnership
Students enjoying the newly bloomed flowers? Not enjoying the bees around them as much? Learn to appreciate bees and the role they play in pollinating our flowers, fruits, and vegetables through the Pollinator Partnership website. Filled with educator resources, curriculum, and posters, this website is great for teaching your students more about gardening, beekeeping, and pollination. Great resource for students and educators of all ages.

Food Doesn't Grow in the Supermarket! 
Ever had students who thought their food grew in the supermarket? Ever had parents who thought the same thing? Help them learn where their food really comes from in the video Food Doesn't Grow in the Supermarket! This video, narrated by children, follows 'The City Guy', an adult who thinks he knows where food comes from (the grocery store) as he visits three different farms to learn where food really comes from and what it takes to produce it. Great resource for teaching students K-5 where their food comes from, and how they can teach others.
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New York was ranked 8th in 2011 for the nation's floriculture production.
Floriculture is also one of the few agricultural industries that collects sales tax dollars for New York State.


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