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How to Read Your Customers
& Negotiate to Win! or How to
Date Your Customers & Get Paid For It!
How To Read Your Customers & Negotiate To Win!

Wednesday October 5, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM EDT

EmpowerU Studio

225 Northland Blvd.

Cincinnati, OH 45246

Driving Directions

Bill Gladwell is a Thought Reader, Mentalist, Actor and Consultant.  He will read your thoughts! He has focused his attention on the field of Social Dynamics for over 25 years, and he is able to teach what he knows in an understandable and usable way. Social Dynamics is the study of how people interact within a group (2 or more people). Individuals in a group are influenced by one another's behavior making them more predictable and suggestible, and Bill teaches you how to take advantage of this phenomenon. He teaches you how to influence others.

In this particular presentation, Bill illustrates how the process of dating is the same process you should be using in the business world to network (pick-up), structure your 1st meeting (1st date), negotiate (fall in love), and seal the deal. When you learn how these processes are essentially the same, sales techniques are no longer needed; and the relationship you build with your client is the priority.

Speaker Biography
For over 27 years, Bill Gladwell has studied and mastered the unique art of reading and influencing people, and he demonstrates his skill in a thought-provoking performance for intelligent audiences.
On stage and television, Bill is often viewed as having true psychic abilities. Dubbed a "master manipulator of thoughts and behavior" by the Press, Bill combines hypnosis, NLP™, suggestion, psychology, directed awareness, and showmanship in order to seemingly predict and control human behavior as well as perform mental feats that appear supernatural.
By involving audience members both on the stage and from their seats, Bill creates an experience that will be talked about for days and remembered for a lifetime.
You will also find Bill in the boardroom as a corporate consultant and trainer. Bill teaches professionals to effectively communicate with others, quickly build deep connections, be more influential and capable in their interactions, and powerfully persuade people.
When he gets a break between live performances, television, public appearances, and boardrooms; you can usually find Bill behind a piano or a camera lens. Music and photography have always been a way for Bill to further express his creative side with a unique artistic twist.
Bill says, "The look on a person's face when they have just witnessed a miracle, whether it be during a performance or some other interaction, is what makes me wake up early and go to bed late. When I see that look, I know that I have created a moment in that person's life that they will remember forever."
Creating moments is the goal behind all of Bill's work.

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