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What Does It Mean
To Be A Libertarian?
What Does It Mean To Be A Libertarian

Thursday September 29, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

EmpowerU Studio

225 Northland Blvd.

Cincinnati, OH 45246

Driving Directions

A very Timely and vital subject as Libertarian Candidate Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson has cleared a major hurdle to get on the ballot in Ohio.  Will you know enough about the Libertarian platform to make an informed choice? Join Bill Moore, an Empower U Board Member who has been a Libertarian for over 40 years and has written on Socio-political theory and libertarianism.  Do not go into the voting booth uninformed!

Plus:  An appearance for 10 minutes by Gary Lee, Candidate for HAMCO Sherriff see note below at the beginning of the presentation.*

Speaker Biography
William A. Moore Jr. is a Cincinnati native and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. He is a United States Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. He is currently the owner and manager of two apartment complexes on the West side of Cincinnati. He has been a libertarian for over 40 years and is a longtime member of the Libertarian Party and has written extensively on Socio-political theory and libertarianism.

Gary Lee Biography
As Police Captain, Gary served as commander of the Special Services Section, the Inspections Section and was the first Commander of the Information Fusion Section, which focused on Homeland Security and Real Time Crime technology. It was during this assignment that he helped develop the potential for real time crime analysis and information sharing, tactical planning and police problem solving.
In 2011, while assigned to the Community Policing Section, Gary received a commendation for his leadership on the Department's successful 6.8 million dollar COPS grant acquisition, which saved 25 police officer jobs from imminent lay-off.  Gary's most recent command assignment was as District One commander where he was recognized for his problem solving skills and team building, particularly in the mobilization and coordination of the resources of the faith based community, social service agencies and the private sector. His efforts there are still evidenced today with the sustained partnerships that have been established   among the neighborhood residents, business leaders, and District staff.

 *Note:  EmpowerU does not support any single candidate.   We invited Sheriff Jim Neal and Candidate for Sheriff Gary Lee to debate on October 10, 2016.  This invitation was sent over 4 months ago.   Sheriff Neal has decided not to debate his candidacy.   In, what is consider an important race for Hamilton County we felt it was still important to allow Candidate Gary Lee to discuss his candidacy for a few minutes.    Thus we will have just one candidate share his view.  We at EmpowerU are very disappointed we were not successful in making views of both candidates available to the Hamilton county voters.

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