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To the Fine Art of Wine Making!
Cheers! To the Fine Art of Making Wine!

Tuesday October 11, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

EmpowerU Studio

225 Northland Blvd.

Cincinnati, OH 45246

Driving Directions

Cheers! To the Fine Art of Making Wine!!  Join Empower U and Tom Deutsch as he leads us through the Art of Wine Making. 
Tom's heritage and formative years were filled with Italian traditions including making wine in the fall. This conjured up thoughts of the rich and flavorful aromas of fruit and visions of age-old vineyards in their homeland of Fuscaldo Italy.  He developed a love and passion for wine making which he will share with us. 

He will take the mystery out of this sometimes  intimidating process and walk us through step by step how, we to, can place our own wine on the table!

Tom uses wine making equipment that his family kept from the 1930's.  Most wine enthusiasts are not lucky enough to have such treasures so Tom will address what equipment is available.  Also the many steps included in the process from knowing when to harvest the grapes, fermenting, pressing and kegging or bottling then aging the wine. 

Tom will take us from the vineyard to the pouring of our own wine for friends and family!  

Speaker Biography
The story started in 1956 when Rosina Luca immigrated to America from Fuscaldo Italy in search of a better life.  Unknown to Rosina, Thomas Deutsch Sr had also come to Cincinnati from Budapest Hungary for the very same reason. They both enrolled at Hughes High school at an evening program to learn the English language to better pursue the American dream. They met at school only to discover they had one thing in common... They both spoke Italian! After a short courtship ( 6 months) they got married. After having their second child, along came Tom Deutsch Jr in 1966. While growing up in Price Hill our household was mostly following Rosina's background with a HEAVY Italian influence.

Surrounded by many relatives who had also immigrated to America, I grew up with the traditions brought from Italy, making wine in the fall, sausage and salami in the winter and wonderful homemade foods all year long. I attended St. Teresa School and completed grades 1-8 and then attended Elder High School and graduated in 1985. I had decided college was not for me and started my first business until it was sold in 2001. I then decided to get my real estate license in 2003. After becoming Rookie of the year, I have consistently been a top performing agent for the Coldwell Banker Brand name. 

After a few years of success, I decided I wanted to incorporate my heritage from growing up in a mixed European family. I had remembered my Zio Giacomo ( uncle Jim) had kept the wine making equipment that was used by our family from the mid 30s.  I asked him if I could use it and also if he would give me some pointers and the rest is history!  Every fall I make about 60 gallons of wine that I share with clients, friends and family!

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