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The Death Penalty in Ohio
The terrible story of Anthony Kirkland
The Death Penalty in Ohio

Thursday October 13, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

EmpowerU Studio

225 Northland Blvd.

Cincinnati, OH 45246

Driving Directions

Learn about the death penalty in Ohio and its implementation.    2016 is the second year without any executions in Ohio and death penalty foes are about to claim victory.   What is the Ohio Supreme Court doing to enforce the law?   Is the law being enforced?

Opponents around the state are looking to support reforms, by exempting people from the execution laws.   17 people on Ohio's death row have been there for over 20 years.   With legal drugs to induce death becoming harder and harder to find is it worth keeping the death penalty in Ohio?

Learn about the tragic case of Anthony Kirkland who is an American serial killer.   Between 2006 and 2009, Kirkland murdered a woman and three girls in the Cincinnati area following a 16-year prison term for the 1987 murder of another woman.   Why did the Ohio Supreme Court grant a motion for a new sentencing hearing for Kirkland?   How did Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters become involved in this case?    Is the Court carrying out the will of Ohioans?
As the election draws near find out what you need to know about the death penalty in Ohio and what you need to know about the judges that are running for the Ohio Supre

Speaker Biography
 Mike Allen is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Criminal Justice in 1980.   He graduated from Ohio Northern University of Law in 1983.    Mike served as a Police Office in the late 70's and early 1980's with the City of Cincinnati and the University of Cincinnati.   He began to work in the Prosecutor's Office in the Preble County Prosecutor's Office in Eaton, Ohio before joining the City of Cincinnati's Prosecutor's Office in 1985.

In the 1990's Mike became a Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge and in 1996 became the Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party.   In 1999 Mike became Hamilton County's Prosecutor where he hired and trained a staff of 180 attorneys and support staff for the largest Southwestern Ohio County Prosecutor's office.   Since that point in time he has been a Legal Analyst and Talk show Host for Fox 19, and 700 WLW.   He has served Of Counsel to Dinsmore and Stohl from 1997-1999.

In 2005 Mike founded his firm Michael K. Allen & Associates where he represents clients charged with criminal offenses in State and Federal Court.  During his career Mike has several published works including "Fighting Crime Through Public Safety and Cost Effectiveness".   Currently Mike can be listed to on WLW Radio every Saturday morning when he discusses legal cases and current events.   Mike's website is:  www.mkallenlaw.com.

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