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The Perpetuation of our
Political Institutions
One of Abraham Lincoln's Most Important Speeches
The Perpetuation of our Political Institutions

Tuesday November 1, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

EmpowerU Studio

225 Northland Blvd.

Cincinnati, OH 45246

Driving Directions

We will be exploring One of Lincoln's Most Important Speeches Right Before Our Election.

This class will be a unique learning History experience for many but especially for our younger people.  Pat Maloney's knowledge of History and his dedication and love to the Republic result in a much-felt, passionate presentation that is sure to be kept in your memory for quite a while!

Is this time in history really the most threatening to our Republic or have we survived similar conditions?  This class will provide an in-depth look into our past, how it is similar to our present, and how Abraham Lincoln advised Americans to overcome these dangers. 

Join us as our Empower U Board Historian, Patrick Maloney, explores a speech given by Abraham Lincoln in 1834 at the Young Men's Lyceum Museum of Springfield, Illinois.  He will explore the context and meaning of this most magnificent, but largely forgotten address (which many consider one of Lincoln's most important speeches). What can it reveal about the current state of American politics and how to proceed?

Can we once again unite as a people to prevent what many see as an inevitable fracture in or Republic?  This class may give you hope to draw on from the past.

Speaker Biography
Patrick Maloney is a political consultant from Hamilton, OH and EmpowerU's board historian. Mr. Maloney has previously held positions as Policy Director of the Ohio Board of Regents, aide to then State Senator Gary Cates, State Representative Tim Derickson, Political Director of the Hamilton & Butler County Republican Parties.
Pat also served Congressman Steve Chabot's field representative in Cincinnati, his Constituent Liaison for Veterans Affairs and Immigration, and the Political Director of his 2004 campaign. Mr. Maloney is a 2007 graduate of Hillsdale College and a  2008 Publius Fellow for the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship & Political Philosophy. He is currently finishing up a master's degree in American History & Government from Ashland University's Ashbrook Center.

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