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Ohio Representatives District 27
Debate between Tom Brinkman and Heidi Huber
Debate---Ohio Representatives Republican District 27 Between Tom Brinkmann and Heidi Huber
Monday February 29, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST

Anderson Township Center
7850 Five Mile Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230
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Debate between Tom Brinkman and Heidi Huber

On February 29th, 2016 EmpowerU will host a debate to end all debates. 

Tom Brinkman VS. Heidi Huber

Incumbent Tom Brinkman, will debate challenger Heidi Huber in the Primary Election for the 27th District of the Ohio House of Representatives. 

Brinkman, the well-known co-founder of COAST, and anti-tax advocate will square off against Heidi Huber, the well-known education expert and leader against the Common Core Movement. 

Monitoring the debate will be someone who knows more about Ohio than almost anyone, Ron Alban, the successful leader of the Initiative to End Ohio's Estate tax. 

Heidi Huber 
is a devoted advocate for conservative principles and policy. She has worked tirelessly the last ten years for numerous issues as well as candidates, including joining forces with liberty leaders around the state to pass Ohio's Health Care Freedom Amendment and end the Ohio Estate Tax.
   As leader of Ohioans for Local Control,  she has authored legislation to protect children and restore local control. She has worked with fellow activists and think tanks from across the country and has served as a policy advisor for the Tenth Amendment Center's national conference call with state legislators.

Thomas E. "Tom"Brinkman, Jr. is a republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives from Cincinnati
He is known for his opposition to higher taxes and public spending, and has been nicknamed "Dr. No." Before his election to the Ohio General Assembly, he was active in Cincinnati politics; and he has been popular among rank-and-file conservatives for his strong pro-life and anti-taxation stances. In 2014, Brinkmann successfully defeated incumbent Peter Stautberg in the Republican primary election to retake his former seat in the Ohio House of Representatives.
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