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Why Liberals Always Win and Conservatives Always Lose
Why Liberals Always Win and Conservative Always Lose--Hero's victim's--Bullies!
Tuesday September 29, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

Sharonville Public Library
10980 Thornview Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241
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Each day, Millions of Americans remain silent on important issues that affect their freedoms and their future. 

Polished advocates in government, media, non-profits, unions and academia have mastered the art of promoting a compassionate narrative to advance their public policy agenda at all levels of government and education. 

Hardworking citizens and taxpayers are often unprepared to face harsh criticism in the public square when they try to battle skilled advocates on policy, lest they be painted as lacking compassion or worse labeled as racist, sexist, a hater or a bully. 

Rich Youngblood will bring every concerned citizen the skills to confidently assert their view, change the narrative and offer a winning strategy when faith, finances or freedom are under assault.  

One informed citizen attending this session can become a brave voice for their family and neighbors. 

This class will provide you with the language and tools to protect your freedom and make you the hero in your community. 

Richard Youngblood is the State Director for Concerned Veterans for America, he has been a dedicated supporter of our military and veterans for over 20 years. Richard has owned the Conservative Campaign group for the past 15 years specializing in campaign management. His results have earned him the reputation as being one of the top political consultants in Ohio. Richard works effortlessly to develop cutting edge ideas in messaging. He has developed innovative strategies to deal with run-away government spending that is putting our country at risk. He has volunteered with many churches and social conservative organizations throughout the years in their efforts to help those in the community that are less fortunate. 
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